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  1. mountainlion

    The Ram Dealership Says My '19 Laramie 3500 Dually is Worth $59K. What is it Really Worth?

    Sounds low. i would guess the dealer ship is working on a 20-25% margin on your trade.
  2. mountainlion

    Stellantis posts record annual profit, announces $4.47 billion shareholder payout

    Great! Profit is needed to secure the future of RAM.
  3. mountainlion

    Recall relay for grid heater

    New recall
  4. mountainlion


    I bought an extended warranty from Granger Motors. Great price and even better service from Granger. They made it very easy.
  5. mountainlion

    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    I think the seats could be more comfortable. Also I lack a little bit space around my right knee when driving.
  6. mountainlion

    2020 RAM 2500 6.7 Cummins blown due to dealer error

    If I was in the market for a new truck I would rather buy a truck with a new engine. Just make the dealer ship write a statement that explains that it is a factory new engine And the reasons why it was installed.
  7. mountainlion

    Transmission Temps While Towing

    My 3200 runs at 168 99% of the time. Once it reached 197 on a very steep grade with many switchbacks. I was not towing and the speed was around 20 mph. So very little airflow.
  8. mountainlion

    Previous Canadian truck.

    I would check idling hours. Did see a truck with 9000 miles on the dealer lot that had 850 idling hours!
  9. mountainlion

    DPF regeneration

    I towed about 500 miles and got another regeneration message. What surprised me was that it started regeneration more or less 30 seconds after a cold start? Engine and oil temps under 100 degrees? I would have expected the system to be a little bit smarter and start the regeneration when temps...
  10. mountainlion

    Advise on towing

    Hi guys, Have a 3500 SO 68 RFE. When I talked to the salesman he recommended to only use gear 1-5 when towing on the freeway. (Eliminating gear 6) Going up steep grades he said use gear 4 if it is hunting between 4 and 5. My travel trailer is about 9000 lbs fully loaded. So not so heavy. I...
  11. mountainlion

    Heads up on diesel oil supply

    There is no “shortage”. USA diesel export is higher than ever.
  12. mountainlion

    CP 4 vs CP 3

    I know that the CP 4 is not as reliable as the CP 3. I also know that if the CP 4 goes bad, it is very likely that the fuel system up stream from the pump is likely to be contaminated. What happens if the CP 3 goes bad? is there risk for fuel contamination?
  13. mountainlion

    What inspired you to buy a RAM truck?

    I fell in love with the ride quality. it rides smoother than the Ford. Then I like the design and the fact that the engine still sounds like a diesel engine.
  14. mountainlion

    Trailer light in Auto mode

    Hi, I have no lights to the trailer if the light switch is in the Auto position? Is that normal?
  15. mountainlion

    Charging RV with alternator on Truck

    Yes on my F-250 I used Anderson connectors. Did run 6 AWG and that was enough to get 27A from a 30A DC/DC Charger. (4 AWG would be enough to get 30A) Used a solonoid that was activated by one of the upswitches. That had the advantage that I could deactivate the charge from inside the truck.
  16. mountainlion

    Charging RV with alternator on Truck

    I get 5A over the trailer connection.
  17. mountainlion

    Charging RV with alternator on Truck

    Have a 2022 3500. Want to run a 6 or 4 AVG cable from Battery to a 30A DC/DC charger on the travel trailer. Anyone who have done this on a generation 5 ? I’m a little bit concerned that it might confuse all the computers that are present in the truck if 30/40 A disappear out in thin air. Did...
  18. mountainlion

    DPF regeneration

    Thanks John, That explains why so many people including myself thinks that the truck never goes in regen. (On a Ford the regen message comes up independent of what info. Is activated in the cluster) Sitting looking at the DPF load display gets old. There are much more interesting displays to...
  19. mountainlion

    When Is It Ok To Change To Synthetic?

    “Lifters, piston rings, crankshaft and bearings are all new designs. The block is even CGI” Is that true for both the SO and the HO?
  20. mountainlion

    Cold Air Intake really though?

    I watched Banks explaining how much more air it can handle. However he never said anything about more power. i think for normal driving it will not give a significant power increase.
  21. mountainlion

    DPF regeneration

    I have 2000 miles on my Ram SO 3500 2022. I have never seen a message of regen in the cluster. Nor have I seen the DPF load go above zero. (My F-250 did regen every 500 mile.) My question: Will you get the regen message independent of what display you have active on the cluster, or will...
  22. mountainlion

    Those who tow a TT - will gas prices influence your travels?

    Will not change my holidays plans because of increasing fuel. Fuel is not a significant cost in the ownership of truck and travel trailer.
  23. mountainlion


    Will this recall letter be available on the Mopar web site? Have a 2022 SO 3500 and the DPF gauge have never moved. Neither have I seen a regen message @ 2000 miles.
  24. mountainlion

    Mopar Vehicle Protection Maximum Care plan

    Got quotes from Zeigler and Granger. Granger was 280 $ less than Zeigler for the same plan. [email protected]
  25. mountainlion

    Mopar Vehicle Protection Maximum Care plan

    Hi Guys, Have to make a decision if I should go for the Mopar Maximum Care plan to my Ram 3500, 6.7 2022. Before deciding it would be great if you who have used the plan could share your experience good or bad.