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  1. joesstripclub

    Fluid changes

    The redline D6 is advertised as ZF equivalent as well but a lot of people have had issues with it. That said the Max Life fluid has been great. Unless they pay to be certified to the ZF or Mopar spec neither are technically approved fluid.
  2. joesstripclub

    Fluid changes

    I'd have to go back and double check the specs (and maybe you just wrote it backwards) but I feel like you got the diff fluids backwards? I think the heavier fluid usually goes in the rear. I'm also surprised you flushed coolant at such a low mileage. Any reason for that or just because?
  3. joesstripclub

    Ram 1500 acceleration issues

    8 speed transmission? I have seen some people who own the older 8 speed trucks have some issues with torque converter lockup. Yours seems to have some symptoms of that but not all. These transmissions can lock the converter pretty low, like 3rd gear I think. Ever had the transmission fluid...
  4. joesstripclub

    I want LED bulbs for my Ram 2500 and need help from the pros choosing the best brand!

    Those who are running the Auxito LEDS, how long have you had them installed? I'm on my second set of LEDs from Aliexpress. They look great but the drivers side bulb has gone out within a year or so. Don't know if it is a coincidence or there is something up with my wiring.
  5. joesstripclub

    8hp70 heater bypass

    It's been a while since I installed mine, but pretty sure you dont need to remove any of that stuff. I definitely didn't drop the driveshaft, and I'm 90% sure I didnt unbolt the shift bracket. Tried to go back through the thread but that's too many pages lol.
  6. joesstripclub

    8-Speed Tranny Issues

    Gotta love the lifetime warranty. The problem arises when Ram says the transmission doesnt require maintenance but ZF has a recommended service interval for the transmission. As long as you have the warranty follow what Ram says so they will honor your warranty.
  7. joesstripclub

    Transmission pan and fluid change questions

    You'll need to cut down the short end of a 10mm (I Think) allen key to loosen the drain plug. Otherwise, nothing else should need to come apart to get the pan out.
  8. joesstripclub

    8 speed trans 2014 ram lifted.

    I would agree that 190 is where it would normally sit, but 220 isnt out of the range of acceptable temps. I wouldn't think you would get that high unless you were towing though. I think the big tires and lift probably make your truck work a bit harder which will move temps up a bit...
  9. joesstripclub

    8 speed trans 2014 ram lifted.

    That is the normal operating temp for the 8 speed in factory configuration. There are coolant lines that heat the transmission so it will always stay in the ballpark of the coolant. You can install a thermostat bypass to eliminate that and get much lower temps. I dont think we actually have...
  10. joesstripclub

    Low Diesel Fuel

    Tried to stretch my fuel a bit on a Missouri to Colorado trip a few years ago so that I could get to the cheaper fuel station. Ran with 0 miles remaining for further than I should have. Had the bed loaded with patio furniture, so not very heavy. Ended up pumping 31+ gallons into the truck so...
  11. joesstripclub

    $2200 transmission service?

    Nope its part of the pan from the factory. There are some aftermarket pans that have replaceable filters.
  12. joesstripclub

    $2200 transmission service?

    Fill and drain plugs and no dipstick is correct. Ram calls the transmission a sealed unit. Without the 8 speed I would not have purchased my truck. I'd really like them to find a way to put it or something similar behind a Cummins.
  13. joesstripclub

    $2200 transmission service?

    8 speed pans definitely have a drain plug. I have heard of replacement pans that do not though. It is honestly not that bad of a service. Was helping my brother in law change front diff fluid in his 10-speed f150 last year. We had a light setup under the truck and didnt notice how tall it...
  14. joesstripclub

    New rotors & pads at 60K?

    I'm right at 50k and started getting some squeaking recently. I checked pads and the rears actually look more worn than the fronts. I bought all new pads and rotors but might wait until after summer vacations to install.
  15. joesstripclub

    Transmission pan and fluid change questions

    The 108 in-lbs spec is probably for dry bolts. You basically lubricated them with anti seize so you will have to get them tighter. I had issues with an aftermarket pan gasket leaking. If you cant get it to stop after tightening your bolts again, you might look into an OEM gasket. They were...
  16. joesstripclub

    Transmission pan and fluid change questions

    Maxlife says it fits many different applications. I know the 8 speeds use a newer thinner fluid than traditional ATF. There are actually some applications that are even thinner fluid than the 8 speed fluid. Ford has a LV and ULV (low viscosity and ultra low viscosity) for their transmissions...
  17. joesstripclub

    Ratio of Idle to Driving

    I can't remember the exact percentage but mine is under 10% as well. I make an effort to not idle much if possible.
  18. joesstripclub

    Brake cost 4/21/23

    That sucks about the parking brake design. I use mine regularly as my other car is a manual so it is just habit. Hoping that will keep it working for longer. Hopefully mine are still in good shape and I can shoot a little grease on it and wait until the next pad/rotor change to deal with it.
  19. joesstripclub

    ATF drain question

    I've drained 2 or 3 times on my cheapo ebay pan with no issues, I'm sure you could drain the OEM or PPE pan more than once as well. The factory will get some fluid on the exhaust but its easy enough to wipe off. Cut down the proper size allen key (10mm IIRC) and its pretty easy to drain.
  20. joesstripclub

    Brake cost 4/21/23

    I just purchased a full set of brakes for my truck as I'm getting squeaking in the front and the rear pads are looking worn. I ordered Wagner OEX pads and the Heavy Duty Bendix rotors that are fully coated. Including shipping from rock auto I'm about $380 total. What kind of mileage are you...
  21. joesstripclub

    Phone with Android 12 to 8.4 in screen google maps since Android Auto no longer works

    Yeah it was a weird phone version of AA that limited what you could do on your phone while driving. I think it actually used to be called driving mode. I actually had to switch back to my Pixel 3 in December for about a week and it still worked fine in my truck for Android Auto on version 12.
  22. joesstripclub

    Single valve y-pipe cutout VS two valve Y pipe cut out.

    I think the double valves are more for an active exhaust situation, where you could plumb around a muffler with a straight pipe and get some combinations between full muffler and full bypass.
  23. joesstripclub

    Long tube headers

    As much as a pain as they are to install I'd personally rather just install them once.
  24. joesstripclub

    Brake noise with good parts

    I always dab on some anti seize and definitely got coated rotors. Removing the factory rotors is always fun. I have a 350z that does the same squeak, I just push the pedal a little harder and it goes away. It has ceramic pads and rotors that I did a thorough break-in procedure.
  25. joesstripclub

    New shorty headers on the market, I think.

    I got lucky and bought mine early 2020 for just over $1k. No way I would spend $3k on shorties.