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  1. js12278

    Drilling into truck bed sides

    Definitely go with Rivnuts
  2. js12278

    Jack stands

    I use 3 ton and RINO ramps. I’m shopping Quickjack 7000tl currently
  3. js12278

    Cabin Air Filter

    I can tell you you’ll notice a big difference in dust and stank in your cab. I recommend the fram fresh breeze. I’m sure Simone will say Wix, Fram sucks
  4. js12278

    Do you use anti seize or impact drill on your lug nuts

    I go home and put a torque wrench on the lugs. Never AS on lugs
  5. js12278

    sale biotech hemi tick additive

    Last time I bought some I paid $10.55/15 oz bottle. I knew I should have grabbed more. These are only 10 oz bottles in your deal.
  6. js12278

    Brake bleeder

    I use this one. It does the job well. I’d buy it again. I’m getting ready to do drain/fill this coming weekend.
  7. js12278

    Blaster Surface Shield Replacing Fluid Film - cost/better?

    Fluid Film or Woolwax is all I've ever used. Fluid Film is available at Walmart now and is a value sized can at a lower price than other locations.
  8. js12278

    Push pins....

  9. js12278

    Cleanest way removing oil filter

    Gallon sized ziploc bag.
  10. js12278

    Just Got My Blackstone Analysis Back

    I change my oil at 6k 2018 PUP, Lubegard and Fram 20k filter I go by “mileage since last reset” on the OLI which is usually at 40% Blackstone suggested based on my UOA I might try for 10k OCI next time based on TBN (after the first oil changed when I purchased with 13k on odo) It’s at 73k now...
  11. js12278

    Just Got My Blackstone Analysis Back

    You had 14k miles on that oil sample and your “oil life indicator” showed 15%? Here all this time I was under the impression the indicator was based on 10k intervals. Am I missing something?
  12. js12278

    De-laminated radio replaced - Thanks @RamCares!

    I removed the digitizer with thin fishing line. Cleaned up that hellacious LOCA between the digitizer and LCD screen. Final cleaning of all surfaces with rubbing alcohol. I secured the digitizer along the edges to the LCD screen with Scotch two sided tape folded over itself once and reinstalled...
  13. js12278

    Front rotor

    Coat the hub face with Fluid Film after you wire wheel the rust off. You’re welcome
  14. js12278

    WTF is wrong with my paint!!??

    My 2018 5.7 has a cap
  15. js12278

    Frustrated with Dealership - What’s Yours?

    “Lower your payment” only tells me they will lengthen the loan over time. The best way to lower the payment is to lower the price. They won’t, next dealer up!
  16. js12278

    Best Oil and oil filter for ram 1500 Slt 5.7 Hemi

    You can purchase the oil on PUP 5w20 I get 3-5 quart jugs at a time. For me that’s two oil changes paid for. Each jug comes sealed in a ziplock bag and those I’ll use to remove the oil filter spill and mess free.
  17. js12278

    1st oil change....good times.

    When using the gallon size ziplock bags, work the bag up over the filter until the filter bottoms out in the bag. Slowly loosen the filter and let it drain into the bag. Hold onto the bag and loosen your grip while the bag fills with oil. Continue to unscrew the filter slowly with the bag...
  18. js12278

    Jscan - better than AlfaOBD?

    This might help with the abbreviations
  19. js12278

    Delving into the oil/tick/additive discussion.

    Here’s another suggestion. Makes good sense as well. Higher oil volume
  20. js12278

    Missing Parts????

    Looks like a target rich environment for RUST. I’d coat it with FLUID FILM or WOOLWAX before installing any fender liners
  21. js12278

    2018 ram 1500 with 8.4 uconnect delamination

    2018 As well 53k miles and I’ve got the delamination happening as well. Radio is still functioning fine. Keeping an eye on it going forward for sure.
  22. js12278

    Door Hinges

    Fluid Film
  23. js12278

    All Repair Parts @ Employee Cost!

    Looking for mirror glass 68381787AA Any codes available?
  24. js12278

    Rustproofing and Undercoating

    For the chassis consider Woolwax black. Woolwax is thicker than Fluid Film when it sets up. It will also resist road spray better. The black looks clean as well. I use both products, affect and Ww, in both black and straw color. Also in gallons and aerosol cans. You’ve made a good decision