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    Would like to lose 2 inches on my BDS lift

    Hey. Any reason why you want to go lower as opposed to higher?
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    New Coilovers with 6 Inch BDS lift

    What do you mean by this? Has lifting the truck changed your ride? If so, why? Seems like you don’t mind spending a little extra for a good ride for the wife’s sake lol
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    New Coilovers with 6 Inch BDS lift

    I have an irrelevant question for you: How has your truck driven with these 37’s for the last 115k miles? Has the motor held up well (5.7, I presume)? Any recommendations/suggestions? Would you have done anything different?
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    2014 Ram 1500 6" Lift w/ wobble/vibration

    Have you tried putting the stock wheels?
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    Synthetic Oil

    What do you mean? Are you referring to the hemi tick? Because I still get that at cold start. I’ve heard it’s nothing to be concerned of but it actually really bothers me.
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    Synthetic Oil

    To sum it all up, Amsoil is the better fully synthetic oil with Pennzoil Ultra coming in a close second. However, the price difference between the two is quite significant. So Pennz is the better choice.
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    WTT aftermarket 4th gen exhaust for stock

    Bump - no one wants a free exhaust?
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    WTT aftermarket 4th gen exhaust for stock

    My 2017 ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 has an aftermarket exhaust that sounds a bit too loud for my 37 yr old self. I would be interested in trading for a stock exhaust. The work of removing and replacing would have to be done here at my house. I’m in Charlotte, nc. Anyone interested please inbox me. Thanks
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    White Ram Gang! Post your pics

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    Oil for the 5.7 Hemi - Mobil1 IS APPROVED

    Guys, all this bs arguing is really futile! With the exception of viscosity, all engine oils are virtually the same crap! What makes one better over another is simply marketing! But what do I know?
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    No, my tick is only at cold start. Wouldn’t the exhaust manifold continue to tick regardless whether hot or cold? So I think I could rule that out seeing my tick only comes about during a cold start. What is UOA & TBN? Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks
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    I’m so confused about “send oil analysis”. Send where?! My ram 1500 has 58k miles and it’s a 2017. Every cold start up comes with that Hemi tick. It’s pretty prominent but subsides after 10 seconds or so. I bought the truck 2 months ago from carmax so I still have about a month of warranty...
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    Can shocks alone lift my 4th gen Ram 1500?

    I definitely don’t want spacers. I’m thinking 4-6 inches. I don’t do any off-roading so basically just for aesthetics. I’m thinking of running 22x12 on 35’s.
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    Can shocks alone lift my 4th gen Ram 1500?

    So I’m looking into lifting my ram. I’m trying to do it correctly so that I don’t lose my smooth ride. I keep on reading threads about people stating that they want to get a better lift so they change their struts. I will be doing the work myself. I’ve seen multiple videos on changing both...
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    Ideal mileage to think about getting a new one

    I have to disagree with your take on the sale of used trucks. I was on the market for a pickup for about 2 months like 2 months ago (that’s when I got my ram). I was baffled multiple times by the listings I saw on 2012+ trucks still selling for $30k+ with 100k+ miles on them. The market right...
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    My HID low beams are not turning on

    Well just to help anyone that might go through this: the issue wasn’t the installation or hardware or anything new. After I took it apart, retrofitted it to where I knew it was installed properly and went back n forth multiple times, and it still would turn off after I turned the vehicle on so...
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    2013 ram 1500 44-44 problems

    Dude, the patience that you must have had throughout this ordeal is admirable. I installed some HIDS and sometimes they work, others they don’t so I’m taking the lights apart today to fix the problem. That’s just my lights so I can’t imagine replacing a whole bunch of other things, spending a...
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    Bragging about MPG - in a POWERWAGON?

    I feel insulted by this comment..
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    Cannot connect 2021 ram 2500 to garage door.

    Let’s see pictures
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    A Lot of Weird Service Suggestions?

    You can get all your filters for about $50 on Amazon or $70 at Walmart. The flushes you can get done next time around. You must understand that the ONLY reason they’re in business is because they up sell (exploit) every customer. I know this because I was in the business a while back. EVERY...
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    Bragging about MPG - in a POWERWAGON?

    Relatively speaking
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    Bragging about MPG - in a POWERWAGON?

    A corolla maybe. Toyota trucks are terrible with fuel consumption; even the 6 cylinder tacoma does like 17/23. My 17 Hemi Ram is averaging roughly 16.2 mpg all city driving.
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    Lifted 4th Gen Pics - Show Em Off!

    What are your mpg?