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    AFE gt momentum CAI

    Any one here try this intake?
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    Unconnected update

    My truck recently updated I used to have surround sound but now it's gone and my radio sounds crappy
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    Moe's Ram Air

    Thinking about buying and installing but had a question. Noise, is the throttle body a lot louder after install. I don't want it to sound like the ole qudrajets when you flipped the air breather lid upside down.
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    Anyone hear of Tribo-Tex. It's supposed to be a engine additive to treat the engine wear surfaces. Supposedly has a history of being used in aircraft engines to reduce wear.
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    I decided to go with Rough Country's 3 inch lift. They are only 2 hours away, and I let them do the install and alignment. Happy with the results. The ride stayed the same.
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    Popping noise after Bilstein level installed

    About 2 months ago I ordered a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks for my 19 Ram. I installed them according to the instructions and the first couple of months they were fine. Now there is a popping or clunking noise coming from the front. I researched this and was told a lot of people had a problem...
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    Bilstein adjustable height shocks

    Anyone use the 5100 shocks and if so what setting did you use to level your truck
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    Rancho ready lift

    Anyone familiar with the Ranch ready lift struts and rear shock kits?