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  1. czervika

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic White Warlock "Whitney"

    Thanks. I'm flush with nutserts. I used to sell them on eBay so I have from #4's through 1/2". But it's good to know that the included ones could be better. I was really looking at the entire set, the rack and both bumpers. Maybe. If not, the rack for sure. Did you do anything special for...
  2. czervika

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic White Warlock "Whitney"

    I've been looking at that rack. Would you buy it again? BTW I consider that area home turf. Spent most of my formative years in Caribou, Lots of time on Switzerland trail, and time around the mines in central city and of course Oh My God Rd. The in laws had a cabin up behind Idaho springs on...
  3. czervika

    When Not to Use Redline Thread

    I'd certainly like to see the science being talked about.
  4. czervika

    For sale

    Interested in the cover craft but I have two questions. Most important first, are you a smoker? And second shipping to 33950?
  5. czervika

    My ram (ongoing project)

    Nice work.
  6. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Added the second pair of lights and independent wiring so I can use two or four. Waiting for night time to do the final adjustments.
  7. czervika

    Show Me Your Front Bumpers

    Pretty sure those are Hooke Road, or Chinese knock offs of the Chinese knock offs.
  8. czervika

    DIY Off Road Tow Hooks for my 4th Gen RAM

    You might get more views If you post a link to your video.
  9. czervika

    Lost over lifting our 2020 Warlock- help!

    Did you install the spring cups upsidedown on the bilstiens? It's a ***** when you do because you have to over compress the spring to get it to bolt back together. When you do it seems like the strut is too long or overly stiff. Ask me how I know.
  10. czervika

    99 Ram 5.9 pretends to have turbo lag

    Before I did all that, I'd smoke test the engine and look for leaks back by the fuel tank. My '03 leaked in one of the purge solenoid hoses by the tank and acted similarly. You dropping vacuum before wot is unusual, it would point me to a leak somewhere. But I've been wrong before. This is...
  11. czervika

    Adam's NEW Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating!

    Is that the fathom blue on the Pacifica?
  12. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Today's update. NFab light at purchased from member @oilslick a couple months ago. Added a couple Hella 500 black Magic driving lights. Waiting on a pair of Hella fog lights to fill out the bar. BUT, having seen the black magic on the truck I may puy another set of black magic and add the...
  13. czervika

    Represent! Silver Rams - Post some pics!

    My new to me '16 Outdoorsman.
  14. czervika

    Where the Florida peeps at?

    Punta Gorda signing in.
  15. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Finally some clean shots.
  16. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    I lied. I had to pull to hoopty out of the garage to get the ram in. Took a shot just because I noticed that the hood is higher than to roof of the Monaco.
  17. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Well still no clean shots but hopefully today I can get some. Did its first oil change since I purchased it in March. Did Mag1 5w-20 with a K&N Gold filter. We'll see how it does. Also broke out the Bubble gauges and set the the Caster to 4 on both driver and passenger sides. No more...
  18. czervika

    Bilsteins set at 2.8: Post your pictures!

    2016 Outdoorsman 1500 2.8 Bils level with 1" block in the back. 18x10 Black Rhino -44 with 295/70-18 Yokohama X-TAs.
  19. czervika

    Tire size change alfaOBD

    I just entered the circumference rather than the drop down.
  20. czervika

    Tire size change alfaOBD

    Necro reply, Just tried to set the tire size on my 2016 to the new diameter. First one took fine but was slightly fast. Adjusting downward I ran in to the flashing lights, no 4wd, park sense off errors. After doing what is suggested in the instructions I gave up to go back to work. About 30...
  21. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Thank you!
  22. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Thumbing through the old pics, I found a shot of my '03 in Gettysburg. Shouldn't have sold it two years ago.
  23. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Thanks! Been following your build as well. Looks real good.
  24. czervika

    Need to buy a new tire sensor

    Just put these in on Saturday then I dropped the new wheels off at the shop to get tires mounted and balanced. When I actually got to installing the wheels and tires on the truck yesterday they read right off the bat. Did nothing but put them in the wheels, and then install there was no...
  25. czervika

    czervika's 2016 Outdoorsman

    Dirty side shot.