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    Did you take measurements?

    I'm just wondering if anyone took measurements before and after lifting? For example stock height on stock wheels measured at ×" then you did a 2, 2.5, 3" front leveling kit. Maybe you did a 3 front 1 rear or maybe you did a 4" lift. If you added tires what size and what was either added in...
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    Black paint and chrome/polished aftermarket wheels?

    Have any pics of 4th Gen that are black with chrome or polished aftermarket wheels? Thx
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    Have this kit?

    Anyone have this kit or know much about it or the like? It's been on sale for $975 then $875 and now $850 Canadian. That's $680 US btw. I've been watching and it will probably go lower. Do you think there is a point when it's a great deal and worth it for this kit in particular...
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    Exteme Solutions "Topper"

    Today I put to use extreme solutions "topper" and I am impressed. I'm not sure if it comes across in the photos but here are my thoughts... Goes on Very liquidy as in it drips fast like it's thin or watery. Spreading it is easy but make sure you buff it off faster then it dries as it can leave...
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    Can you consider used?

    Can you ever consider used take off lift kits? Figured I'd ask as I get updates for sale on my local kijiji and this came up.
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    Catch Can First Results

    I installed a UPR catch can from Nick at got exhaust right after picking up my brand new truck. It's a 2021 ram 1500 v8 4x4 crew cab 6.4ft bed with 3.92 Gears and some mods. Here are some pics of what I found 422 miles in. I swear I read to check it every 300-500miles so that's why I did it...
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    Very first tank of gas

    So I finally filled my tank for the first time on my 2021 ram 1500 v8 4x4 crewcab 6.4ft bed with 3.92 Gears. 655kms = 406 miles 110.4 liters = 29.2 gallons 13.9 mpg Good or bad I'm not sure. I drive the truck to and from work which is about 2-3 miles away. I rarely use it for much else as...
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    Sorry if asked before but has anyone regretted only going leveling vs 4" lift or going 4" vs 6" ect? This can be said the opposite way going from 6" to 4" or to just a leveling vs full lift. I'd hate spending $X on something only to regret it and then have to move up or down. I want to do...
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    Your thoughts

    Today I wanted to try something new but didn't get a chance to complete it. I rinsed my truck then foamed then rinsed again then blow dried. My plan after that was to use something like Adams CS3 for a full cleaning and top it with extreme solutions. I ran out of CS3 last wash and my extreme...
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    New detailing setup almost complete

    Accessories came in today and I wall mounted the pressure washer as well. Last thing I need is the garden hose adapter with QC and shut-off valve for machine then adapter for hose spigot with QC. This is the simoniz 1650 (active ve51) with a kobrajet 50' hose, mtm sg28 gun, and mtm pf22.2...
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    First maintenance wash and more

    First off I've posted a couple threads recently and wondering if that annoying to anyone? I'm just trying to participate in the forum and show my experiences... Anyways this was my first maintenance wash with finished product and how I got here... I used my new simoniz 1650 pressure washer...
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    Water beading after graphene coating

    Finally got some rain and water on the paint after my coating. This is a couple shots of the hood just over a week after being coated with nano-brite graphene infused ceramic 7 year coating. I hope to get some more shots this weekend after I do my first maintenance wash.
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    Ceramic coated...

    Just picked up my new truck after having it ceramic coated. I went with a product called nano-brite using their 7 year 10H graphene infused ceramic. Here are some pics that really don't do it justice but still good. I won't know how the coating reacts for another week+ when I wash it for my...
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    Seat covers?

    Anyone have suggestions on some good sear covers for the 1500 with the cloth full front and rear seats? I'm not looking for leather unless it's real cheap. Id say I don't really want to spend more then $500 for the set. I dont want and Walmart $50 specials either lol... Thx
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    OMG It's Here!!!!!

    Finally got my baby months and months later... Let the mods begin lol. First things are: Pedal Commander 5" Tips Muffler Delete Catch Can Oil Spray Dealer had windows tinted and black lug nuts added. The truck itself has every single option except Nav, Sun Roof, Rambox, and Tonneau.
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    Smart or not worth it?

    A local guy is selling an unlocked pcm from his 2015 ram 1500 sport for $125 but I can probably get it for $100 canadian which is around $80-85 US. He is also selling a Trinity t1000 for $200 but can probably get it for $175 canadian or $145 US. I know I'd have to buy both if I want the tuner...
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    How much is too much for you?

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    Lift questions

    Can anyone give me any feedback on the lift I took some pics of on this f150. From what I was told it's a 6" trail master lift. I wasn't sure what pics and parts to get so I just took what I could. Thx
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    Not sure I can wait, looking at this...

    Changed mind truck no good...
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    Towing while lowered

    Can you tow while lowered and if so is there a point at which its not advised I.E. lowered down 3" is the max ect. Thx
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    Sound deadening cost

    How much do you think a sound deadening job should cost? For example good better best (feel free to fix the examples though lol) I assume a Good being at least the doors front and rear. For a Better job I assume adding something like the dash center console or what not. As for Best I assume...
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    Turtle Wax

    Have any of you guys seen this product at any store? I can't find it in Canada and the site says they don't ship to Canada.
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    Alpine system upgrade consensus?

    I'm wondering if there is any sort of consensus on upgrading the individual components of the alpine system in the 1500.
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    Spiked black nuts

    Have any thoughts on these? Maybe even some pics? I think they might be cool and different. I know I want black lug nuts and I've seen spiked ones online and on tons of semis. Thx
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    God help me sickness is starting...mods

    I literally dont even have my truck yet but I have already placed my first order through Nick lol. Muffler delete, black 5" tips, and black catch can. Going to be nice picking up my truck getting it oil sprayed and installing these mods from day 1. Next will probably be 5100s but if I do...