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  1. ALRedneck

    Help with exhaust please

    Long story short-the muffler shop confused me with another customer and put dual exit exhaust magnaflow muffler on my truck without resonators. Without getting into their screw up, I want the single exit with the resonator due to drone. Can anyone give me the part number for magnaflow that...
  2. ALRedneck

    Exhaust Tone

    So my 2018 PW is no longer my DD and has retired to doing only truck things now. It is now the “farm truck” and putting an exhaust on it is a consideration. I lock out the overdrives when I tow/haul so the MDS won’t play a part in my consideration. I don’t want anything obnoxious but rather just...
  3. ALRedneck

    2018 Taser Ram

    Quick question for someone with a 2018 or above PW with the Taser Ram. I’m trying to get mine to work and seem to have an issue and I think it may be the harness. It’s super straight foreword so my ability to screw it up is limited! The directions say to plug the white plug into the green Star...
  4. ALRedneck

    Impressed with factory bedliner

    Unfortunately, I’ve put some pretty good dents in my bed of my PW but have been impressed with how well the factory spray on bedliner has held up. My previous truck had an after market liner and dents would cause the liner to crack. However, the factory liner has just flexed with the dents and...