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  1. fastgti

    06 ram 1500 2 trailer options for going car

    As it says I have a 06 ram quad cab short bed with a 5.7 hemi. I will be going to Colorado in the next 2 weeks and bringing back to Augusta ga my 65 ford galaxie 500xl convertible. The car weighs 4,000 lbs. I have 2 choices for trailers. First is an enclosed 8.5x20 ft with 2 3500 lbs axles with...
  2. fastgti

    Ram 1500 altezza tail lights.

    So I got the truck back in December used with 107,000 miles on it. Love the truck. Few things I do not like but it's not bad enought to ditch the truck or spend the extra money on. Except one thing. The tail lights. Well I kept getting moisture in the left one. Finally after a week of heavy rain...
  3. fastgti

    Lock horn does not work

    2006 ram 1500 laramie. I did my research online and in the manual on how to set the lock alarm / chirp when you locked the truck. I did it a couple dozen times and all the programmable features do not work on my truck. Does anyone have any idea on why it would not work following the steps...
  4. fastgti

    My new 06 ram laramie 5.7l

    Hello everyone. I just got a new dodge ram laramie 5.7l Hemi RWD. We were looking for a new vehicle after the turbo blew on my VW GTI and we needed a vehicle that could tow the GTI when needed or my Ford Galaxie. Also we are looking into getting a boat one day. Just a bit about me and my family...