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  1. Mike Townsend

    "The" Hemi tick explained

    That makes sense that they are run harder. I know I drive mine harder than I do my truck. But I do tend to run the truck hard too sometimes. LOL
  2. Mike Townsend

    "The" Hemi tick explained

    I've never heard of the Hellcat engines eating themselves. They have had supercharger problems in the first few years though.
  3. Mike Townsend

    2/4 drop Best shocks

    I have a 2014 RT with a 2/4 drop on it and I am running 305/45/22 and there is no reason for them to bottom out or rub when you hit a bump or dip. They will touch the sway bar at full lock a little bit though.
  4. Mike Townsend

    Folding Mirror Does Not Fold

    Following. Both of mine quit working. The drivers side went a while ago and now the passenger side. It's annoying.
  5. Mike Townsend

    Radar mount options for 2013 RAM?

    I have the blend mount on my 2014 with my Escort Max 360
  6. Mike Townsend

    Power Folding mirror problem

    I have a 2014 R/T and have been having problems wtih the power folding mirrors. The drivers side would work sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't move but you could hear the gears trying. It doesn't work at all now and I am guessing that the gears are stripped. The passenger side has just...
  7. Mike Townsend

    LED to halogen on Sport edition?

    That just doesn't make sense. Going from a much more efficient and usually brighter to old school tech. Kind of strange. Good luck though.
  8. Mike Townsend

    Poor mpg on 2023 Ram 1500 Big Horn V8 Hemi with Etorque 4 x 4.

    I always find it funny how everyone says don't take off fast. Well, I have watched my instant mileage and even keep it under 2k while accelerating it is in the single digits. I figured I might as well take off a little faster and have some fun for pretty much the same mileage. LOL
  9. Mike Townsend


    I used Alpha ODB to turn on my parking lights for DRL when I had the factory projectors. I now have the AlphaRex headlights with DRL's and sequential turn signals. Love these things
  10. Mike Townsend

    Ram 1500 Brake pads

    I put on R1 Concept Geomet rotors with ceramic pads. My truck can stop way shorter than it used to. The second best thing is they never rust. Now I don't go through salt but just sitting there between drives they don't get that surface rust. These will stop your truck way better than your...
  11. Mike Townsend

    Traded the Panamera for a BigHorn 2500 i need a muffler that sounds the same

    There are a lot of choices for a good muffler to make it sound more like a truck. The stock muffler is too quiet. Hard to go wrong with a Flowmaster 40 series. There are a lot of other options but I've always liked that one on my truck.
  12. Mike Townsend

    Ceramic or Not & Tonnau Covers

    Ceramic coating is worth it if they do a good job with the paint correction first. It will make it easier for you to keep it clean but will not protect it from rocks. If you are always on rock roads and what not you should look into Pain Protection Film for the lower part of your truck and...
  13. Mike Townsend


    I've had three SRT's(a '15 392, '17 HC and the current '20 HCWB) I laugh every time I see someone with these on thinking it makes them look cool. As stated above they do say remove. Even the guy that designed them turned them pink so the water heads would take them off. If you don't go flying...
  14. Mike Townsend

    Impressed with how good 4th gen trucks still look

    I've only had my '14 since '18 but I love the truck. It took me a while to find one for sale that was the Blue Streak blue.
  15. Mike Townsend

    My front windows are not working

    I've ordered two or three switched off of Amazon or Ebay and none work like they should. First they all come with amber backlight for some reason. Secondly it will only roll down one window at a time which is dumb. I tried to order one from Steve White and it was cancelled because it was on...
  16. Mike Townsend

    Smoky interior

    I got a old Dakota for my kid and the previous owner smoked in it a lot. We cleaned the carpet, seats and headliner and the smell never left. We cleaned all of the plastics also but can't remember with what. Then we used Mule wipes on the plastic and all of the embedded nicotine came off. It...
  17. Mike Townsend

    Inez 4/6 question

    Thank you for this. Are there any others around in this area? I figure there is but I want to make sure I find one that knows what they are doing.
  18. Mike Townsend

    Hemifever tune or bolt ons first?

    If you get the Hemifever tune he will adjust your throttle however much you want so you don't need the PC. I have his custom tune on my 2014 and it made a big difference in the truck. I also took the recommendation from the forum and bought the diesel intake box for the truck. The openings in...
  19. Mike Townsend


    On my Charger HC I use Opticoat products. I really like their no rinse wash since I wash the car out of the sun in the garage. Never tried Topcoat, sorry.
  20. Mike Townsend

    Inez 4/6 question

    Does anybody have any recommendations for an installer in the DFW area that can do this for me the right way?
  21. Mike Townsend

    Inez 4/6 question

    I talked to a shop local to me about putting the 4/6 drop on my 2014 RCSWB. They said they would have to cut my frame which I didn't think that was necessary. Can someone tell me if they are right or not?
  22. Mike Townsend

    Brake pad choice

    I put R1 Concepts Geomet rotors and ceramic pads on my truck. They look good and stop really well. With the Geomet coating they do not show rust when sitting like other rotors. I was surprised at how well they work to be honest. Never had their rotors before but I would buy them again.
  23. Mike Townsend

    What’s your favorite flavor of cordless tools?

    I have had a few different brands but many years ago my dad bought me a Ryobi tool set with around 6 tools. Then I went to lithium 18v drills and batteries and they worked so much better. Even the old ones worked better with the new batteries. It just kind of snowballed from there. I have...
  24. Mike Townsend

    Tint Newbie

    I have ceramic on my cars. I live in central Texas also and it helps a lot with the heat. The truck has 5% on the back window and 20% on the side. If you want the top of your windshield to block the sun put a 5% stripe above the A1 line so it will work the best. My car has 50 or 70% ceramic...
  25. Mike Townsend

    anyone running 305/50R20's on stock sport rims?

    I have a friend that is running those on his '03 but I'm not sure if your wheels are wider. They balloon out but work OK. I have the 305/45/22's on my '14 RT. They are heavy but they work well also. Of course they are on 9 inch wheels I believe.