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    RamBox Torsion Rod

    More ref RAMBOX hinges/restraints. My 2020 Longhorn with 30,000 miles has had both rambox retainer rods come off and disappear, either into the box or lost. The problem seems to be that the restraining arm has come off the lid. It looks like the rivet holding it on was either poorly peened or...
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    Oil Change frequency

    I have two Pentastar engines. One in my 2018 pacifica and I use Amsoil Signature 0w20 oil in it. Tht is Amsoil's 25,000 mile oil by their claim. The oil change indivcator and manual say 10000 miles for a change. My other PEntastar is in my 2020 Ram 1500 Longhorn 4x4. I have been using 0w20...
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    What’s your favorite flavor of cordless tools?

    Early on I bought what I thought was the best tool at the time. I ended up with a mishmash of a Skill and Panasonic drill, both very good until the batteries went . Ther Skill was an old Ni-Cad and the Panasonic was a Nickel MEtal H type. I managed to put new nicads in the Skill battery packa...
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    what oil to use 3.6L (2016)

    I have a 2020 PEntastar and the cap says 0w-20. the 20 indicates the viscosity at high temps and the 0w or 5w at cold temps. I don't believe 0w-20 oils were readily available in 2016 and as oil technology got better they became more readily available. I would expect 0w20 to be an inprovement...
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    Whats' the Difference in Fuel Economy Between a Cummins 6.7L H.O. and Standard Output?

    It seems to me another significant reason for the added fuel consumption/poorer mileage is the fact that the HO has more horsepower. Most people will use the additional hp sometime. COuld be faster acceleration, could be faster speeds up long grades could be heavier loads. Could be more...
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    32 Gallon Tank Upgrade

    Thanks for the great pics and the useful response. The roll over valve seems pretty foolproof and should be easy to see if it is free and working with the tank off. Truck ran out of the 3 year warranty just before Christnas but problem started before that. I will need to refresh my memory on...
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    32 Gallon Tank Upgrade

    DOes anyone have a clue what happens to the rollover valve over time? My 2020 1500 nwith the 32 gallon tank filled fine when new and started to have a problem just as the 3 year warranty was comiing to its end with 25,000 or so miles on the truck. Can the rollover valve be removed or repaired...
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    Towing with a v6 Pentastar and 3.21 differential

    I also should have added that when I ordered my truck the 3.55 choice gave a rated towing capacity of about 7000 lbs and the 3.21 was a 2 or 3 thousand pounds less. The 3.92 was available then with the V-6 too and it did not change the tow rating at that time.
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    Towing with a v6 Pentastar and 3.21 differential

    AS an owner of a 2020 Longhorn crew cab, Ram box 4x4 truck with the V-6 Pentastar and the 3.55 rear end ration and having towed ~7000 lbs gross on a tandem axle flatbed with low wind resistance with it from Eau Claire to Iron RIver and also having towed a single axle, V-nose 7'high by 12' long...
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    Starting w/ Block heater Plugged in?

    Some years ago I read a footnote warning in a blockheater manufacturer's catalog. OF course I don't recall the name of the outfit but the warning basically said it was recommended not to start the engine with the block heater plugged in because in certain cases the water flow can cause...
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    Which engine for reliability?

    I have a 2020 Ram Longhorn 4x4 crew cab with the rambox and air suspension. It replaced my 2014 1500 longhorn ecodiesel. I also have a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica minivan with the Pentastar V6. I don't live inthe mountains or drive inthem regularly. I tow occasionally sometimes with a 35oo lb...