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  1. coobie

    Diesel treatment or no?

    Opti-lube ..
  2. coobie

    Service Department Incompetence

    You missed my point.No surprise,,:head3:
  3. coobie

    Service Department Incompetence

    I care who changes my oil.I don't want some dip s--t kid at jiffy lube doing it.:banghead:
  4. coobie

    Service Department Incompetence

    Yea Jiffy Lube now that's some FUNNY ****..
  5. coobie

    Warranty Argument over Bad Battery Pack - 2019 Ram eTorque

    No issues with my ETorque,
  6. coobie

    “Trailer not connected “

    Does the boat trailer have SURGE brakes or Electric Brakes?
  7. coobie

    Poor mpg for 2022 1500

    No but you could always buy electric vehicle.:wave: My 2022 with e-torque gets 16.4 mpg,s
  8. coobie

    New Ram owner, can't believe how bad it is in the snow.

    Sell it go back to ford..Great choice..
  9. coobie

    Stuck in The vortex

    I cannot imagine $700-$800 a month truck payments..:rolleyes:
  10. coobie

    Picked it up today!

    I do not know the answer ..
  11. coobie

    Picked it up today!

  12. coobie

    Picked it up today!

    I would also look at the AVS aeroskin.
  13. coobie

    Question about 5.7L Hemi MDS VVT engine

    Got it you are talking good on time maintenance ..:)
  14. coobie

    Question about 5.7L Hemi MDS VVT engine

    Curious what is good MX ??
  15. coobie

    Winter/All-Terain Tire Recommendations?

    Cooper AT3.
  16. coobie

    I'm out!

    To put everything into perspective wages were a lot lower back then verses today also..
  17. coobie

    I'm out!

    Hate to say it if you're waiting for interest rates to come down to buy a new truck you will be waiting a LONGGG time.Back in 1980 interest rates were 14% to purchase a home with good credit.That lasted into the 1990,s..
  18. coobie

    Show off your 5th Gen Toppers/Caps!!

    Better pic.
  19. coobie

    Show off your 5th Gen Toppers/Caps!!

    My ranch cap..
  20. coobie

    I swear, I'm really trying to get a Ram, but......

    I was skeptical of the eTorque but purchased one in late June and really like it.No issues yet but its early with only 7,000 miles on the OD.Good luck on whatever you buy.
  21. coobie

    What has been you're Ram experiences

    I have owned 3 rams a 2004 diesel 2500 model,2016 Ram 2500 with the 6.4 hemi & now 2022 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 hemi.Beside a few minor repairs all have been great trucks.
  22. coobie

    Trade In Value Surprise

    That's a few reasons why I speical ordered my 2022 ram 1500.
  23. coobie

    Trade In Value Surprise

    Thats some funny shit.Fords and Chevys have no issues.LMAO.:flipthebird:
  24. coobie


    Krown rustproofing