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  1. Trey Higgins

    6 Lug axle swap to 5 Lug Truck?

    Is that a 4th gen knuckle with 6 lug hubs and rotors? Or just all 5th gen parts? If it’s 4th gen knuckle, what rotors are those? I’ve been researching for a while and I have most of it figured out except the brakes part.
  2. Trey Higgins

    4th to 5th Gen Axle Swap

    I didn't think about the parking brake. I do know that the splines are different for the rear axle shafts of the two trucks so swapping the shafts alone would not be an option. My dad has a 5th gen so Ill have to look tomorrow at the parking brake and see if I can figure anything out without...
  3. Trey Higgins

    4th to 5th Gen Axle Swap

    So I am thinking about swapping from the 4th gen 5 lug to 5th gen 6 lug. The adapters are sketchy so I would rather do a full conversion. From my research, It appears that all I need is a 5th Gen rear axle (with the same gear ratio obviously), 5th gen hubs, and 5th gen rotors. I believe that...
  4. Trey Higgins

    Front Differential Wiring Harness Too Short

    I have a 6" lift with a 3" body lift. The wiring harness barely made it to my front differential when I installed the lift but now that I put the body lift on, it is about 3-3.5" too short. I've researched extensions but they don't seem to exist. Has anyone else ran into this? If you have what...
  5. Trey Higgins


    Anyone have Chrome 26x14's - preferably on 37s but I'll look at 35s. I'm located in Jacksonville FL but will travel some. 5x5.5 Lug
  6. Trey Higgins

    5th Gen hub swap?

    Did you ever test the 6 lug hubs on your truck?
  7. Trey Higgins

    SRT 10 hello from Germany

    What all did you do for the srt brake swap
  8. Trey Higgins

    Auxiliary / Upfitter buttons

    Does anyone have a good solution for auxiliary buttons in their 4th gen? I’m installing 16 rock lights but I need a switch solution. Mine is a 2010 so the 13+ solution with the trailer brake option won’t work. I’m looking for a completely factory looking button or hiding it somewhere that no one...
  9. Trey Higgins

    Bigger than 6"?

    I'm looking at lift kits for my 2010 1500 4x4 and I can't find anything bigger than 6". There's 1 kit from fts thats an 8" kit but its like double the price just for an extra 2". Anyone found a bigger kit or combined multiple lift components for a bigger kit? I want like 9-10" of lift and to...
  10. Trey Higgins

    QUESTION: Stacking Bilstein 5100 w/ Zone 6" Suspension lift

    Can you post pics of this? I’m thinking about doing this exact setup. How did it ride and did you actually end up with 8.1 inches of lift in the front?
  11. Trey Higgins

    ZONE 6" DONE!

    So correct me if I’m wrong, but you have the 6” with 2.5 coil overs for a combined 8.5? Is it just the picture or is there still rake. I’m thinking about doing the zone 6” with maxed out bilsteins.
  12. Trey Higgins

    Bilsteins set at 2.8: Post your pictures!

    This is my 2010 1500 big horn 4x4. I’ve got the bilsteins maxed out and it sits pretty much perfectly level and still rides just as good if not better than factory. I put the 35x12.5 tires on the Laramie stocks I have and it rubbed the upper control arm so I’m running 2” spacers. Now it only...
  13. Trey Higgins

    Zone 6" with Bilstein 5100??

    That thing looks so good! So do you have the normal 6" zone or the one with 5" rear coils? How is the ride compared to stock? Are the angles good in the front?
  14. Trey Higgins

    Tall and Hard Ride

    Going down on wheel size should help with ride quality some. I don't have nay experience with lowering a truck, so I can't help there. And I think you can either have the dealership recalibrate the speedo or get a tuner.
  15. Trey Higgins

    Zone 6" with Bilstein 5100??

    I'm thinking about which lift kit to get for my 4WD truck and I cant seem to find any bigger than 6". I found a Zone 6" (Sister company to BDS) that you can get with a 5" coil in the back to retain factory rake. I was thinking I could pair that with Bilstein 5100 or 6112 in the front set at...
  16. Trey Higgins

    Adding to a 6" Lift

    I have a 2010 1500 5.7 4x4 and Im looking to lift it at some point. Could I get bilstein 5100's for the front to level it out for now and then down the road install a 6" lift in conjunction with the bilsteins? Also, any opinions on rough country? Offroading? Longevity/Durability?
  17. Trey Higgins

    Gauge Cluster Replacement

    I have a 2010 1500 Hemi 4x4 Big Horn. Is there any way to replace the gauge cluster with a 2013 pr newer gauge cluster with the 7" screen in the middle. Also is there any way to replace the dash with the newer bezels and radio. Basically completely update the entire front dash and everything...