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  1. mopar68

    Max cargo weight

    The door sticker says 1680lbs and I recently took it through a scale at the local truck stop and it also reads 1680lbs.
  2. mopar68

    Max cargo weight

    Have a 2014 Outdoorsman 1500. Max cargo weight is 1680lbs and I am at 1680lbs. I have rear cargo air bags only. My question is Can I go over at all ? By how much if possible ? It's set up for construction with a DDC bed cap and equipment.
  3. mopar68

    alignment parts

    I have a 2014 Outdoorsman 1500 and the alignment is maxed out . What parts do I need to replace to bring them back in ?
  4. mopar68

    2014 Headlight Question

    I have a 2014 1500 5.7 and when I use the remote to unlock the doors the headlights come on too. They go off when I start the engine. Is there a way to disable the headlights from coming on in the first place.
  5. mopar68

    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    Not being able to back up with the doors open. Everything else I can live with. Any remedies would be nice.
  6. mopar68

    Levelling or 3” lift that rides as close to stock as possible

    I just installed Fox 2.5 shocks that were adjustable for the front. I have air in the rear. 2014 Outdoorsman
  7. mopar68

    Block Heater

    I actually leave mine on overnight. Currently 2014 1500 Outdoorsman
  8. mopar68

    How to adjust headlight Videos

    I have a 2014 Outdoorsman 1500 and the size is a H3.0 hex bit. Which is very small.
  9. mopar68

    Back seat storage removal

    Have a 2014 Outdoorsman Quad and I am in the process of adding two lithium batteries on the floor. Has anyone taken out the storage compartments under the back seats.
  10. mopar68

    What is the correct weight oil???

    My old 97 recently passed away after 305k miles and I ran from new 5-30 Castro winter and 20-50 summer blend. So I continue with my recently bought 14 used
  11. mopar68

    insight in buying this truck please

    Well I just bought a 2014 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman with 86k miles for 25k.