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    Lifter tick after sitting

    These newer engines don't get lifter noise. What you are hearing is a rod bearing getting ready to spin. I learned this the hard way.
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    What is the normal cooling temp you run when pulling a 11000 fifth-wheel?

    I run in 5th gear with my CTD when towing and keep the RPMs between 2,000 and 2,250. The only time it ever gets over 200F is when pulling hard grades. I always keep the RPMs in that range even if downshifting is required to do so.
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    60K Diesel Service

    Sounds like it is time for some junk to fall off your truck. I would check those fluids on the diffs and Tcase to see what they look like and if they look like they are dark/dirty either change yourself or at a reliable private shop unless you want to support the stealership. If your truck is...
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    Settlement Offer From Chrysler For CP4.2 Fuel Pump Debacle

    If FCA finds out you are hot shotting with your truck (commercial use) they can and will deny warranty coverage.
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    Diesel issues

    My go-to diesel shop installed a new Fleece Cheetah turbo in my 2011 CTD for under $3900 out the door a couple years ago. I think the Fleece is much better than the OEM turbo.
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    2004 Cummins Ram Noise - Transfer Case?

    The first thing I would advise you check would be the front drive shaft u-joints and the CV joint. If it is something loose in the front shaft you will want to get it fixed because it can take out a lot of stuff, some of it expensive, if it comes apart. BTW, the front drive shaft turns even...
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    4th gen 2500 cluster swap

    I don't believe a gauge cluster swap will fix this, because the control that sets this limit is in the ECM. You may be able to have a Dodge dealer flash the ECM and unlock this. Maybe someone with more experience with this problem can chime in, hopefully.
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    The shocks are the same for both year models.
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    Turbo? Actuator? Or Injectors? Loss of power, black cloud.

    You don't say how many miles on your 2011 CTD, but the oem turbos don't last very long; at least that was the case of my 2011. When my truck started throwing turbo codes my mechanic didn't mess with an actuator and installed a new Fleece Cheetah turbo with the actuator, and I couldn't be...
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    Help with diagnosis please: 6.7 Cummins, new turbo, intermittently blowing blue smoke

    Have you changed the crankcase filter inside the top half of the valve cover? A clogged/soggy CCV filter could cause what you are experiencing.
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    Engine Temp Normal?

    I would start with a Cummins TStat change. My 2011 CTD will get to 200F in colder temps than that in less miles than yours. These engines warm up slower in cold but do get to full operating temps.
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    Check engine Light

    Is the DPF getting full? That may cause back pressure, but I don't know much about them as mine fell off when the truck had less than 3,000 miles on the clock.
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    6.7 running hot at times

    My 2011 had a fan clutch that started to not come on sometimes when the heat went up, so I installed the Strictly Diesel FC conversion hub and went with a 2006 5.9 Cummins fan and a 1997 Ford Powerstroke viscuous fan clutch. This more mechanical FC solved the electrical FC issues. That FC...
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    are cold airs work it?

    I ran an S&B cold air intake on my Cummins for years until I got fed up with cleaning the oiled filter, then I reinstalled the factory air box. There was no gains and no loss in performance either way and truthfully, I wish I had left the factory set-up on the truck. The factory filtration is...
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    6.7L Whistle and poor performance

    If you are in warmer climate or towing, your trans temps are normal for summer, and I agree that you have a boost leak. Because of the smell, the other guys that have posted previously are probably right about it being at the turbo. Don't get crazy, but pull around on the inlet and outlet hoses...
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    Dead 2500

    I had a problem with my deleted 2011 while moving my mother into assisted living in Missouri. I had loaded some of her furniture into a Uhaul trailer to take back to CO and the evening before our departure I fueled the truck up and immediately after I left the gas station it started running...
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    Is anyone's oil NOT black immediately after an oil change?

    The 5.9 Cummins run black oil. I read on the cummins forum that there is a fix for this, and if my 70 Y.O. memory serves me correctly, they posted that a different camshaft corrected this. The black oil after a fresh change won't hurt the engine. My cousin has an older Dodge with the 5.9 in it...
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    Air intake

    I ran the S&B CAI with the oiled filters for several years because other people swore it needed it. I have recently returned it to the stock air box and filter and won't put another filter system in it. There are no gains by the CAI, period. Dfavor, your truck is running a tune that shuts...
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    Fleece Cheetah Turbocharger

    I have the Fleece Cheetah on my 2011 HO Cummins and really like it, but has only had 10K miles since it's installation. What I first noticed, after having my mechanic do it, was the exhaust brake was much firmer than with the OEM turbo. I considered going with a fixed vane turbo and a separate...
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    Brand new truck had issue 1st time towing

    This information is not specific the 68RFE transmission but electronically controlled automatic transmissions in general. A shift solenoid fault code without an actual transmission symptom is probably an electronic glitch from the said system that controls it. I would drive the truck sensibly...
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    Bio Diesel. Yes or no?

    Yes, the bio-diesel has lubricity that the current #2 diesel fuel lacks, but in fuel mileage tests (can't remember who performed these tests) it was substantially lower than straight #2 fuel. I run #2 with 6 oz. of Power Service Diesel Kleen in my 2011 CTD and have no interest in changing.
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    Take it back to the dealer and work out a deal with them for a gasser. I have heard of this happening before.
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    Snow and ice filled air box

    I have had my 2011 2500 CTD since new and have never had that happen even in Colorado the last 10 years. Something is not right.
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    “Ton” rating of Ram 4500 and 5500

    Manufacturers don't use this identifying misnomer; i.e. 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and so on any longer. If you want correct capacities for a certain truck you should either look at the ratings on the door jam of this vehicle, or use this link...
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    Tuner ID

    I have no idea what that is in the pic. If you have a "tuner" it would be plugged into the OBD II port. The truck can be tuned without any physical evidence, other than the missing junk, as my 2011 CTD is. The tune was downloaded via EZLynk directly into the PCM. If the truck runs good, I...