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  1. joeb

    AGM battery upgrade question

    A correction to my earlier post: The charging voltage is lower than 14.4V. I'm driving cross-country right now and I've been monitoring my starter and camper batteries using Victron components. (Dual Duralast AGM starter batteries under the hood, dual LiFePO4 batteries in the truck camper...
  2. joeb

    AGM battery upgrade question

    I had the OEM dual SLA starter batteries in my 2012 (the one in my profile photo) for 8 years/90,000+ miles. I switched to Duralast Platinum (H7-AGM) 80 Ah. They charge correctly with no adjustments made to the electrical system. Resting voltage is 12.8 and charging voltage is 14.4.
  3. joeb

    Portable air compressor

    This is what I purchased to air up. No regrets. I air down to 25 PSI on the beach and trail, and then air up to 65 front, 75 rear in less than 20 minutes. Add a few minutes to unpack and then cool down and repack the hose and cord into the box...
  4. joeb

    4x4 service alert.

    That's a good point (low voltage). In 2020 when I had my SVCE 4WD and other lights, I was on the original batteries. I replaced them with AGMs after that trip. I did the same trip in 2021 and had no trouble lights all 6,000 miles.
  5. joeb

    Battery Tender

    I use the Deltran Battery Tender. Sometimes I drive very short trips in my truck, so even though the charging system works properly, I still float the AGMs. To make this easy, I rigged up a 7-way trailer connector to connect the battery tender. I used Anderson PowerPole connectors because...
  6. joeb

    What toppers/Caps have can fit (and not look like crap)?

    I bought my SnugTop 8 years ago this month. I like it so much that I sold my fiver and bought a travel trailer so that I don't have to take it off all the time.
  7. joeb

    2012 3500 Leak at Rear Axle & Wheel

    Sadly, it's not a master care contract, and each item has a $100 deductible. The dealer called and said the truck will be ready tomorrow. They have already sold me everything they could justify or was required. The truck is ready for my cross-country trip with travel trailer in tow.
  8. joeb

    2012 3500 Leak at Rear Axle & Wheel

    Thanks for all your replies and advice. The truck is at the dealer for the axle seal. It turns out the axle seal is covered by the service contract that I purchased with the truck in Feb 2013 from the dealer. $100 deductible. That's the first time I got to use the service contract which...
  9. joeb

    2012 3500 Leak at Rear Axle & Wheel

    I seem to have developed a leak. Is this serious? I have < 80,000 miles on the truck, but in about one month I'll be towing a travel trailer from California to NY and back. How soon do I need to deal with this?
  10. joeb

    Would you level your truck again?

    I went with the Carli Commuter 2.0 system for my 2012 RAM 3500. I upgraded for a better ride and got a level stance in the deal, which I strongly prefer. I also had airbags installed so that I can keep it level T/H. I had this professionally installed last week. Front - CS-DC20-10-D Carli...
  11. joeb

    How to aim your headlights - 4th Gen Rams

    I found a nice reference for the headlight alignment in California. Begin reading at the last page if you want to get right down to the alignment pattern.
  12. joeb

    4 inch lift, how high is your ram?

    2012 RAM 3500 Laramie Longhorn - Carli Commuter 2.0 Upgrade I've decided to upgrade the suspension on my truck for a smoother ride with no loss of cargo and towing capacity. I paid for professional installation. Front - CS-DC20-10-D Carli Dodge Commuter 2.0 System (3" lift) 3" lift linear...
  13. joeb

    AlfaOBD Support For 06~12 Rams

    On my 2012, I put it in R, N or D with parking brake off, but the motor must be running (not just ignition on). I used the Canada option. I did not set the DRLs in the main menu.
  14. joeb

    AlfaOBD Support For 06~12 Rams

    (revised post is below this one)
  15. joeb

    4x4 service alert.

    I don't think that mine was on, but then it was many moons ago. I'll keep that in mind.
  16. joeb

    4x4 service alert.

    I have a 2012 3500 at the odometer was around 72,000 when this started. I was pulling a 28' travel trailer from California to NY and back, with the truck and trailer loaded with gear, food, water, propane. The truck was serviced by my local RAM dealer the day before the trip. When I left...
  17. joeb

    UConnect update

    When I had a 2008 Wranger (JK) with Uconnect problems, the dealer never tried to anything other than swap the radio (twice) with refurb units. There must be some elves working in a radio shop somewhere that know how to recover from a failed update and do other repairs.
  18. joeb

    AlfaOBD Support For 06~12 Rams

    From Page 10 of the 2012 Diesel Supplement: Remote Start Once the vehicle has started, the engine will run for 15 minutes.
  19. joeb

    Perform Service message

    That would be every 67,500 miles, which is the "Perform Service" interval. So the Perform Service indicator is for the CCV Filter AND the EGR cleaning. How much are others paying for the EGR cleaning? What happens if the EGR cleaning step is postponed or ignored?
  20. joeb

    Perform Service message

    Thanks for your reply, @Tach_tech . As you point out, the two may be independent of each other. The owner's manual doesn't clearly differentiate. (Page 112 of the 2012-Ram_Diesel-Supplement-4th.PDF) Perform Service Your vehicle will require emissions maintenance at a set interval. To help...
  21. joeb

    Perform Service message

    Perform EGR System Service - Clean EGR Valve, Clean EGR Cooler, Replace all Necessary Gaskets & Replace Crankcase Ventilation Filter (CCV). I read about it here too: Exhaust Gas - Recirculation Explained ( Also note, your 2014 uses DEF but my 2012 does not.
  22. joeb

    Perform Service message

    In June 2020 I took my 2012 3500 to the dealer to get my last recall performed. They noticed the Perform Service message. I had 70,000 miles on it. They asked, and I authorized them to, well, perform service. That cost $400 in parts and $1,280 in labor. I read in the manual that the message...
  23. joeb

    Ham Radio in a 19 Laramie

    I agree with Tourrider. While I don't have a Laramie 2019, I have installed FT-857d in a similar manner in my Jeep. I put a "West Mountain Radio RIGrunner DC Outlet Panels RR/4005" under the dash and wired it directly to the battery through an existing hole in the firewall. I put the radio...
  24. joeb

    BedRug Giveaway for RamForum!

    I'm in and I need a BedRug for my RAM.