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  1. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Front Door Speakers

    Hi, All I purchased a set of Crutchfield Woofer/ tweeter speakers, My question is are these plug and play, are the OEM speakers oval or round am I going to need the the adapter plate provided that's(oval) they gave me the OEM wiring harness. The name of the speakers are, Polk Audio DB 652 2019...
  2. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Dash Cam's

    Hi, All What is the most popular dash cam out there, just want one that works and not one of these cheap Chinese made.
  3. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Lifted 2012 Lower Control Arm Ball Joint

    Hi All, Please read this entire post this was in my inbox, I tried to help this guy from the U/K Read the Link on the bottom, maybe the moderator can fix this in order, Thanks All Hello to anybody who is kind enough to respond. I am in the UK so really struggling to get any support or...
  4. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Thoughts for oil in the great North

    Wanted to get some ideas, I've had Redline 5w30 in my truck since new, now in the great north the temps been down in the low 30's and then down to -20, I'm getting some good old piston slap at cold start up, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, recommendations here the general consensus is...
  5. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Power fold Mirrors/non Tow

    Hi All, I have the power fold mirrors, today I was backing out of the garage with my mirrors folded in once I cleared the garage door my wife appears and aggressively pulls my drivers mirror open thinking I had manual fold, Well I think the gears are damaged because its skipping to open, anyone...
  6. Dodge 1500 4X4

    What kind of Socket Grease

    Hello All, On my CHMBL I'm replacing my Cargo and brake light bulbs with Led's what kind of grease are you all using for the socket to avoid corrosion, I purchases the stock Bezel and it has the upgraded gasket on it.
  7. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Anyone Change PCV Valve Yet

    I took my Shroud off to clean it and discovered my PCV was not screwed in all the way into the housing rotated it ccw to remove it and found the smaller O ring crimped put some oil on it to reassemble and it would not seat, I'll have to replace it, there is a hard plastic line that comes from...
  8. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Mode Control Knob for Uconnect

    Hay, All my mode control knob, the knob you push to get to the mode control buttons, Panel mode, Bi Level mode, Floor mode, and Mix Mode, when I push the knob it doesn't go the these modes, but you can see them on the touchscreen on the Climate icon, when I shut the truck off, then on it comes...
  9. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Excessive Wind noise (New Year PF)

    Hi all, going down the Expressway about 65-80 mph facing a west wind 25-30 mph I get this noise that makes that noise a new year or birthday party favor makes, Quite annoying when I go in the opposite direction and same speed heading East no wind noise. W.T.H
  10. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Rear Seat Release

    Hi, All I've looked all over and I can't fine the seat back release for the 60/40 rear seat any idea where it is, Its for the 60 seat back on the passenger side. Thanks
  11. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Factory Brake Controller

    Hi, All I just got off the phone with Mopar Factory Parts they tell my its on national backorder now with no ETA and they just sent me a Email that it was processing, I have a 5th generation, has anyone been able to get this controller any faster. Thanks
  12. Dodge 1500 4X4

    Hemi 5.7 Short Piston Skirts

    Hi All, New here I have the 5.7 hemi when I start after a cold soak, I get a knock in the lower end that makes racket for about 3-5 seconds and then goes away, It does it a bit on a warm start, Is this due to the Short Piston Skirts, in the cylinder walls or is it the no check valve in the...