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  1. d100experience

    Power lock actuators?

    I wonder what the interchange between models is like. I installed factory lock solenoids in an early '70s Dodge car using ones from a much later Chrysler and the fit was perfect.
  2. d100experience

    1991 Dodge Rem 1500 odometer stopped working

    I drove past this place a few months ago. Never knew they were there: Their website says they do the electronics and mechanical repairs.
  3. d100experience

    Custom Frame Replacement

    I’m interested in getting a custom frame made. I’ve finally caught up on all my other projects enough that I want to tear down my ’88 Ram and build it up the way I want. I’ve been lurking and searching this forum (and the rest of the internet) for several months but the best advice I’ve seen on...
  4. d100experience

    My new old Dodge (86 D150)

    Handsome truck. As to the speedometer there are three places that could be the problem. The easiest thing to try is to replace the speedometer cable. If that's not it, you might need to get the gauge itself rebuilt or the gear just inside of the transmission that the cable gets its spin from.

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