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  1. rustedandrotten

    Before and After.. Out with the chrome!

    Definitely not a chrome lover, that looks great!!
  2. rustedandrotten

    Leaving in 4WD Auto - if so transfer case wear? More frequent service?

    I live in Scotland, like Canada it is pretty wet and snowy here. I have run my '16 Sport in 4WD Auto since I bought it, 100K Km now, yes you might get 1 or 2 MPG more in 2WD but roads here are always slippery especially roundabouts where diesel spills on wet roads make the truck step out very...
  3. rustedandrotten

    First oil change and the ‘18 already needs replacement parts

    Mine was that tight that the body span when trying to undo and left the base, just thought it was a bit of an oddity. Second factory filter started leaking oil after 10k km at the seam.....worrying!! Now fitted with non OE filter as not a lot of faith in originals!
  4. rustedandrotten

    Did leveling your truck really affect MPGs?

    that looks a bit wrong!! surely you mean 15.5 litres per 100km!! (15 mpg US or 18 mpg UK)
  5. rustedandrotten

    Condensation in headlights

    I have this problem on my Dec 16 Stinger, both lamps were always fogged, read forum comments so ignored, bad move! Now the led turn indicator on the right has stopped working, headlamps out, tipped enough water out to fill a goldfish bowl! All clean and no dirt so not water ingress. Dried them...

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