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  1. armallard

    What has failed on my 2012 Big Horn.

    I have a 17' with 88+ thousand all stock but the dreaded wranglers that came on it nothing but oil changes regularly gas and maintenance when needed and it may blow up the next time when I start it up but its been a great truck.
  2. armallard

    Brand new RAM died in the middle of the road!

    Most tint places lay a cloth mat down on the dash and any side windows they do.
  3. armallard

    Synthetic Oil

    mobil one here RP isn't available here.
  4. armallard

    New Ram, How to disable all the annoying electronics?

    I would just like to back up with my tailgate down without it stopping the truck.
  5. armallard

    Anyone switched to 87 octane?

    2 questions will this work on 5.3 liters as well? and will it be ok on my lawn mowers and utv's. Mainly because I use non ethanol in all of these and its crazy high now or I'm I looking at this wrong appreciate it..
  6. armallard

    Lube Guard

    What is the difference in Lube guard 3901 and 3902?
  7. armallard

    Equalizer hitch setup?

    Use could always get the BW adjustable hitch.
  8. armallard

    Oil/filter and tire rotation 10,000 miles??

    And I always have my tires rotated when I have my oil changed but I don't have any of this done at the dealer just a local tire shop
  9. armallard

    Check those cabin filters!!!

    appreciate it.
  10. armallard

    Check those cabin filters!!!

    Stupid question if my 17'slt where would be at?
  11. armallard


    I have them on my 17' stock 4wd
  12. armallard


    You can see the pole imprint. How did you make out?
  13. armallard

    Did a test drive in a 2020 Rebel and was... disappointed

    My SLT with a Hemi only has one tailpipe for now.
  14. armallard

    2500 ANTENNA

    I used the one that came with the stubby.
  15. armallard

    What Windshield Wipers Do You Run?

    I've been using rain x since I've had my 17' with no problems then I read the thread about it clogging the sensor up and I've started using distilled water in it now will probably go back and forth with the water and Rain x. Bugs down here in the south are brutal.
  16. armallard

    Folding mirrors question....

    That's a handy little tool.
  17. armallard

    New shoes who dis

    I went with a 285/60/20 and after it was said and done it was a little over 1k and so far I love them. Unfortunately I had to pay for all 4 sounds like you got a great deal.
  18. armallard

    Blacklisted by Dealership

    I would've went straight to the the GM do not pass go or showed it to anyone but him and kept the original until I got my truck fixed and have him ask the tech what was the hell he was needing in my console for. I hope it all works out for you.
  19. armallard

    Canadian sold trucks .. heads up

    Does yours have the damn single exhaust?
  20. armallard

    Canadian sold trucks .. heads up

    My 17' was built for the Canada market but as far as I know it never made it. I got it in July of 18' with 31k on it I tracked it back to a veterans office in Indiana. I have no idea about the warranty. It is what it is.
  21. armallard

    Crew cab steps

    Looks great!
  22. armallard

    Is this a good deal

  23. armallard

    26 gallon gas tank

    1/4 tank on my gauge and only 3 gallons left just sounds odds.
  24. armallard

    26 gallon gas tank

    Thanks BWL thats what I was trying to figure out. Don't what is going on with Point man.
  25. armallard

    26 gallon gas tank

    My 17' ram has the 26 gallon gas tank I've had it a a little over a year and its hardly ever gotten to a 1/4 tank of gas.So today it got to a 1/4 and I filled up and it clicked off at 22.6 gallons. It showed that I could still go 90 miles before I filled up so a little over 3 gallons of gas...