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    2023 Ram 3500 ordering NO MORE!

    OK . . . . reading through this post and comments . . . great information BTW. I AM planning to order a 2024 3500 Cummins in October, and I also have a Friends of Family Plan PIN. I was told by the man who gave it to me that as per Chrysler I should be able to order my truck with...
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    2023 2500 & 3500 Paint Color Options

    Good morning fellow RAM owner operators! Fairly new to the forum so apologies ahead of time if this has already been discussed. I am currently in a 2015 RAM 2500 Tradesman (although it has nicer upgrades) Cummins and I have really loved this truck. His name is Optimus (White Truck, long bed)...
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    3.42 Gears?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it. OK, so it sounds like the 3.42's are all I'm going to get, unless I do my own swap, but we'll see what time will tell us. It sounds like this truck needs a few more miles on it to be certain of what I have . . . both towing MPG's and MPG's without...
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    3.42 Gears?

    Gee, thanks Danny for the personal attack, nice to know you too!! The salesperson/dealer had already taken the "Build Sheet" out of the window. The only thing I knew for sure, based on a conversation with someone who had a RAM with the 4.10 gears, was that I didn't want that gear setup in...
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    3.42 Gears?

    New to the truck, ?? about gears! Hello guys and gals, my name is Joe, I'm new to the forum and new to owning a RAM Turbo Diesel. I have a serious question about the gear ratios, and I found this forum. My BRAND New 2015 RAM 2500 4X2 Turbo Diesel apparently has 3.42 Gears in it, instead of the...