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  1. NETim

    Need suggestions for voltage tester/meter

    Fluke is hard to beat if you want to spend the $$$. I've purchased a few cheap Amazon meters that have served me well too. You don't need a real high end meter to work on automotive circuits.
  2. NETim

    Park assist light comes on when nothing is in front of the truck

    I'd be tempted to hit 'em with a heat gun to try to dry them out. I've never had to deal with the problem but that's what I'd try.
  3. NETim

    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    Actually, when you're running the truck through the gears, there's no need to be under the truck. But you WILL have to be under the truck to do the final fill/level check. The engine MUST be running whenever the fill plug is out. Never pull the fill plug with the engine off. It's good...
  4. NETim

    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    I used the Dorman pan. No issues whatsoever.
  5. NETim

    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    I don't see the harm, other than the time and expense, if the procedure is followed. It gave me some peace of mind. I've done something that I believe will extend the life of the ZF. I intend to drive this truck into the ground.
  6. NETim

    I’m emotional right now in a good way

    Congratulations! You know though, that truck is pretty close to Navy Haze Grey. :)
  7. NETim

    Seized or rusted spare tire cable or lift mechanism

    Thanks for the reminder! I hose my winch down annually (or try to) with Fluid Film and/or WD40 to help keep the rust at bay. Lowering the spare the first time with the OEM kit, is when I encountered the stubborn jack retaining knob on my '14. The original design is a through bolt that...
  8. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    Took the truck out this afternoon and flogged it a little. Running up and down long grades into a 25MPH headwind. Highest temp I saw was 168. Truck seemed to want to settle in at 165F under a light load. I still have the full complement of louvers installed as well as the standard 205F...
  9. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    No, I did not. It was very dark during my test drive and we have lots of suicidal deer here. :) I will go on yet another little drive tomorrow to wring it out.
  10. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    Okay! I installed the thermostat kit tonight. The weather warmed a little so my propane heater was able to keep the garage warm enough to work in comfortably. I took the rig for a little test drive in 37F ambient temps tonight. The highest transmission temp I saw was 149F. Truck was...
  11. NETim

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    I installed the Mishimoto thermostat kit in the transmission cooler lines. It opens at 165F to allow ATF to flow into the transmission cooler. Transmission Cooler Kit
  12. NETim

    Should I change my trans fluid?

    The procedure looks worse than it is. I had to go out and buy some TALL jackstands and a garden sprayer (to transfer the tranny fluid.) 8mm and 10mm Allen wrenches I had on hand. I cut a piece off of the 10mm, just shy of 1/2" long to use to access the drain plug on the tranny pan. I...
  13. NETim

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    I performed a MAJOR upgrade. Installed LED map lights. :)
  14. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    I like the sound of that! I wasn't looking forward to battling that snap ring again. :)
  15. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    Okay. Reading through the install instructions a few times, I think I understand now. Without the bypass installed, the transmission will warm up faster.
  16. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    Thank you! But honestly, I don't need the bypass doodad as I have it installed already on my rig. I will probably remove it and re-install the factory part since it appears that I have to go back in there to install your thermostat kit. Thanks!
  17. NETim

    Aftermarket 8hp trans thermostat kit

    I would assume this would be installed in conjunction with your bypass doodad?
  18. NETim

    Cummins $1.6 billion dollar fine!!!

    I'm sure this won't be passed on to the consumers.
  19. NETim

    Parking light out message after using Alfaobd

    I have been S-L-O-W-L-Y and carefully updating to LED's on my '14. I install one set of lights at a time, do the Alfa thing and drive it for a week to see how things go. If it's all clear, then I'll update the next set. For example, a few weeks ago, I had installed LED tail/brake lights...
  20. NETim

    Replaced fog lights

    The best fix is to solder in a piece of wire with heat shrink on it. Wire size, as long as it appears to be close to original is not too critical given the short distance. It's probably 14 gauge I would guess.
  21. NETim

    Fix loud Bosch Icon wipers ?

    Icons have always worked great for me on various vehicles.
  22. NETim

    Alfa obd + obdlink Ex

    There's this link on the forum:
  23. NETim

    Truck turning off

    I would double check the battery connections. That's the last thing that was touched.
  24. NETim

    Alfa obd + obdlink Ex

    Yep! My EX obd interface talks to the truck just fine as well. My BT interface does not but that is probably related to the Chromebook not playing well with low energy BT devices, which is why I bought the EX in the first place.
  25. NETim

    Alfa obd + obdlink Ex

    It is possible to boot the Chromebooks into "developer mode" and gain the ability to load .apk files from other non Google approved sources. Of course, the process is littered with warnings about potential damage, unstable s/w, floods, shark tornadoes etc etc. I performed the process on my...