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    Looking for Tuner?

    Check out GDE to see if they have one. I use them, they are Mopar diesel engineers that were contractors for Stellantis. Tom
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    ,Go over to 5th Gen Rams forum. There many who have done this .. Look up Jimmy07, he is the brain behind most update how to's over there. He make up the harnesses etc for updates. Tom
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    EcoDiesel Block Heater Add

    See link below for procedure Heater installation Tom
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    EcoDiesel Block Heater Add

    The block heater on a eco diesel is easy peasy to install. I just installed a Mopar one on mine and it took 2 hours taking it easy. If I had to do it again I could do it in a hour. If you buy a Mopar heater get the cord also, It fits tighter that aftermarket plugs plus has connectors on it to...
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    How to find PWR source for added equipment?

    I would wire straight to the battery with a fuse in line. What brand did you get? Tom
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    Air suspension vs. no- major difference on 2021 1500?

    I live in Minnesota and love my air suspension. It's also nice for doing oil changes, put it in OR2, slide under and drain oil and change fuel filter. Put it in entry/exit mode to change oil filter and fill with oil. I travel for work in the north woods and UP, no problems at all at low temps. Tom
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    Oil Headed for $150 - buckle UP!

    Im in Minnesota and pay 4.39/gal for diesel. Really loving my EcoDiesel mileage right now.... Tom
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    Would you run Michelins anymore? Or any tire that uses recycled plastic?

    One thing that might be in play here is (no sure of the correct name). Companies now have a eco footprint rating from the government. For large corporations a low eco rating means more difficult conditions in doing business. I was at one of my largest customers and they were telling me about it...
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    Would you run Michelins anymore? Or any tire that uses recycled plastic?

    I won't say either way. I will say I go thru a set of tires every 14 months or so. On my 21 Limited I was disappointed with Michelin tires. My first set had to be replaced under warranty due to tread wear, my second pair with 30K wasn't looking good when I traded in for my new 23. My 23 Limited...
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    2020 EcoDiesel Upgrades

    Get rid of the banks stuff and do a GDE tune. Takes care of a lazy eco diesel. Add HP and Torque. Less suet build up. Tunes transmission. If I need warranty service I swap back to original PCM about a 5 min job. I did it to my 23 Limited at 16,000 miles and never looked back. Very happy. Tom
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    Converting to a trx hood and with air intake

    The front lip is different. Look at a pic of a TRX and then a Limited. One has a notch the other doesn't. Tom
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    Harman Kardon vs Alpine - Limited Level 1

    I have a fully loaded 23 Limited. I have to say I am disappointed in the Harmon Kardon system. My 21 Limited had the Alpine and for what I do that was pretty nice. I expected great things out of the HK but I think the bass sucks. It seems muddy to me. The rest of the options I like and enjoy...