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  1. Andrei20

    2017 Approaching 100k, How Deep Should I go?

    What vehicle are we talking about? If it's a Cummins engine, I'd recommend a valve set. Other than that, like on any other pickup, just regular maintenance, engine oil, transmission and power steering fluids, brake fluid (it's recommended every two years, but 99.9% of people ignore that...
  2. Andrei20

    2018 RAM 3500 HO SRW highway MPG's

    I average around 10.5-11 l/100km in similar conditions.. Which would be around 22 mpg. 2016, 3500, 6.7 HO, deleted. Aisin transmission, 3.42 gears, Crew cab short box. 285/60/R20 wheels, 55psi.
  3. Andrei20

    Major engine and tranny failures

    Please, don't blame the driver. Anyone stuck on an intersection will try to get out of it by any means. Were there any instructions when he was assigned the truck that if any sort of lights come on on the dash and the truck doesn't move to just shut it off at that instant moment and walk away...
  4. Andrei20

    Getting rid of the front end hop while towing

    As it was mentioned here the tongue weight could be excessive, but also comes in factor the length of the hitch. The shorter the better. The weight on the ball will have less leverage to act on your truck. And yes, when your skidsteer sits mostly on the trailer axles instead of closer to the...
  5. Andrei20

    Transmission Failure - Denied Warranty Claim - Help!

    Yes, ~24k is more like a job for a 3500 DRW CTD HO, if you want it to last... IMHO....
  6. Andrei20

    Transmission Failure - Denied Warranty Claim - Help!

    I will agree. Yes, they need to show the exact issue that appeared first time and how they fixed it, everything detailed, documented, and then the issue and the codes for the second time. They should provide some sort of warranty on their first "repair", the truck should have been released to...
  7. Andrei20

    RAM 2500 6.4 vs Cummins for Travel Trailer with 7500lb GVWR

    We have almost same situation. A Grand Design XLS21BHE, 6300lbs gross weight, and we tow it a few times a year for a total of about 2-3 thousand kms. Our truck is a 2016 3500, 6.7 HO, deleted. Very good for towing. I don't even put it in the "tow haul" mode, my engine brake is in Auto mode...
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    3500 mpg

  9. Andrei20

    3500 mpg

    Mine is 2016 HO, deleted, crew cab, short box SRW, 3.42 gears. Just cruising, not loaded, it does about 21-22 mpgs, pulling our 6000lb camper it does on average 12-13 mpgs. Speed on highway around 70 mph. Not driving it much in town, we have other vehicles for that. Very satisfied with it.
  10. Andrei20

    Brand new 2023 Limited catastrophic transmission failure at 1200 miles

    Hello. I wouldn't be worried that much about the cooler being contaminated. Even if it is, it's not that much, and all the particles will return back to the sump, where, before the oil gets sucked in by the pump, the particles will be caught by the filter on the suction side. And slowly with...
  11. Andrei20

    Transmission Cooler

    My temperatures while towing a 6000lbs travel trailer. The transmission temperature is the same as going empty. Transmission is AS69. Engine is Cummins 6.7. The only thing that changed compared to running empty is the engine oil temp, usually it sits at 94 Degrees Celsius.
  12. Andrei20

    Any and all advice welcomed …

    First thing first. Cut the oil filter (with a special filter cutting wrench, not a hacksaw), and see if there's any metal in it. If yes, then there's something wearing fast in the engine, possibly the cams and/or lifters. If the oil filter doesn't have metal glitter, look for other issues...
  13. Andrei20

    Engine hours... what i didnt know...

    I have hour meters on my all three cars, aftermarket installed on Volvo XC90 and Mercedes GL350, and a factory(obviously) on my 2016 Ram 3500. The Volvo is mostly used in the city, groceries, kids to and from school and sports, so I'd say 80-90% city driving. In 200 hours, as I set my oil change...
  14. Andrei20

    Oil Change or Not...What would you do?

    I'd throw in a can or two, depending on the oil volume, of Seafoam, or other long duration engine oil flush and and a can of oil viscosity stabilizer and change the oil after coming back. Holding the engine mostly at stable cruising rpm most of the trip will make that additive work best on...
  15. Andrei20

    Anyone else get real nervous after their first oil change at their own hands?

    And that is totally understandable. Each does whatever with their free time. I just can't trust someone else to touch anything on my cars. Yes, totally mental. Even watching somebody tightening my drain plug or my wheels nuts with a torque wrench, at the correct specs, I still have to double...
  16. Andrei20

    Anyone else get real nervous after their first oil change at their own hands?

    In about 30 years of being a driver and having all sorts of cars I have always done my oil changes myself. And always have serviced and repaired my cars with my own hands. Two times on two different cars I had leaking exhaust pipe or muffler and I had to go to a muffler shop, just because I...
  17. Andrei20

    Battery Tray

    Good thought. Well, just as an idea, then maybe drill a hole in the deepest pocket and fit a 3/8 hose all the way down the frame for water to drain and some holes in those baffles so the pockets communicate and all the water can run down.
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    Prefill Oil Filter

    An engine is an engine, no matter how big or small. And some procedure can extend the life of an engine, and that is a proven fact, otherwise they wouldn't be applied, and some don't. I can't give you any numbers, since I haven't done any such experiments, but if you trust the engineers...
  19. Andrei20

    Towing Mileage Comparison / Questions

    I tow about the same weight, it's a Grand Design imagine XLS21BHE, 4700 lbs empty, 6300lbs maximum gross, at an average cruising speed of 70mph I get around 13 mpg. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the wind, altitude and so on. My truck is 2016 Ram 3500, 6.7 CTD, high output, Aisin...
  20. Andrei20

    Prefill Oil Filter

    Calling this oil change procedure idiotic, well, to let you know, I work for 15 years already in the Alberta oil sands as a Heavy Equipment Technician, and servicing and repairing the various types of heavy mining equipment, mostly the Caterpillar 797A, B, F, 793, Komatsu 930, 980 (with Cummins...
  21. Andrei20

    Prefill Oil Filter

    On your engine you do what you want, and on my engine I will do what I want. Ok?
  22. Andrei20

    Prefill Oil Filter

    Yes, the dealers do that, and that is a "good enough" thing, which the most people are used to, but there's also a "better" thing, like pre-filling the filter with oil, waiting for half an hour for most of the oil to drain, pulling the fuse for the engine ignition and cranking the engine a few...
  23. Andrei20

    Prefill Oil Filter

    Same as when the oil is cold and partially goes through oil by-pass valve, as not to collapse the filter, so it's the same thing, contaminants and wear from the engine sump go straight into the engine. The best would be to pre-fill the filter through it's side holes, you will have filtered oil...
  24. Andrei20

    Max towing, for real...

    Critics accepted. Thank you.
  25. Andrei20

    Max towing, for real...

    And that was exactly my point. A Touareg towed a Boeing 747 once, but that doesn't mean that it can do it all the time and it's safe to put it on the road, and it's not legal either. So we follow the numbers in the Owner's Manual. Where they come from, and what was done to put them there, is...