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  1. chopperman1

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    Tried looking up both your equipment list and window sticker with your VIN, both failed which is odd. Quick search shows an 19 Classic 4wd Quad Cab with 3.6, towing capacity is 4480#'s. You are way over based on that.
  2. chopperman1

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    can't read it, all the critical info is on the bottom side of that tag.
  3. chopperman1

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    Bags do nothing for towing capacity, they are for leveling only. Post up a picture of your door jamb sticker with your capacities.
  4. chopperman1

    Antifreeze Testing

    Did you calibrate the refractometer before testing? The analog ones require calibration before each use.
  5. chopperman1

    How do I know if my 5.7 has MDS

    @Wild one, Do you have a source for "cutting flow to the lifters"? My understanding of it's function is that the solenoid opens the bleed port on the lifter which essentially stops the lifter from pumping up thus stoping in from actuating the valves. The oil supply to the lifter doesn't change...
  6. chopperman1

    Brand new truck only charging at 13.1v!?

    Is that with the truck running? If so, ya, that's low. I agree 14.1-.6 is normal charging range. With these ECM controlled alternators/regulators it really could be anything!
  7. chopperman1

    How do I know if my 5.7 has MDS

    Nope, the light only tells you that you are driving ECOnomically. Has nothing to do with the MDS system. Sure, they can both occur at the same time, but are not linked in any way.
  8. chopperman1

    problems after head swap

    I would start with unplugging the coil packs one by one. When you find the one that doesn't change anything, you've identified the cylinder causing the miss. Pull the coil pack and inspect, maybe you lost a spring or such.
  9. chopperman1

    Help! Loose pinion nut

    Did you get the recall done?
  10. chopperman1

    ship to Canada?

    Considering the OP posted on All Mopar Parts vendor page.... the who has been answered, the what is irrelevant at this point. Some? Most? dealers are prohibited from shipping out of country.
  11. chopperman1

    Need Help with Uconnect 8.4 Update

    I don't think that's something a software update is going to fix. Have you tried a factory reset on your radio?
  12. chopperman1

    Loose wire in the bed

    Doesn't look like factory to me, where does the other end go?
  13. chopperman1

    TCW3 (2 Stroke Oil) in Gasoline?

    Stabil Marine 360 checks all of the boxes including stabilization of the fuel which TCW3 does not. It's dosing is 1oz per 10 gallon, vs 1oz per 5gallon for TCW3 so it offsets the price difference by 50%. 1 32oz bottle of Stabil Marine 360 for 20$ treats 320 gallons, .06c per gallon of fuel. 1...
  14. chopperman1

    TCW3 (2 Stroke Oil) in Gasoline?

    Curious as to why a 2-stroke oil vs using a fuel stabilizer? I use Stabil Marine 360 in all my small engines year round. Treat the gas as I buy it with it.
  15. chopperman1

    Tailgate lock not locking

    You should use a dry lube, not an oil based one.
  16. chopperman1

    MDS Delete SOLVED

    The pulsar simply put's it in 8th or 6th depending on your transmission, same as using your gear selector. It absolutely does not blip the throttle.
  17. chopperman1

    MDS Delete SOLVED

    It's not a delete, it's a deactivate. Same thing as using your thumb controls and putting it in the highest gear. Cheap option tho at 250$. Can do the same thing for a few more bucks with an Edge Pulsar plus get quite a few more features as well as a HP bump.
  18. chopperman1

    Stupid flashing blue light

    That's not factory. Looks like someone added an aftermarket phone system.
  19. chopperman1

    Oil Filter Relocation Kit

    PacBrake kit! Here's my writeup on it.
  20. chopperman1

    Need help with electric 4x4 motor

    What am I missing here? All the wires are color coded. Don't see any duplicates. Why can't you just match them up and repair them?
  21. chopperman1

    Is using alphaobd the same as flashing the computer

    ECM is what get's tuned by Diablo and such. Alfa when dealing with lights programs the BCM. 2 totally different modules.
  22. chopperman1

    Bizarre Brake Controller Issue

    Very well known issue with the chinese knockoffs. They are also year sensitive.
  23. chopperman1

    2016 Strut assembly

    Never seen a coilover strut assembly that can't be disassembled. You cannot just change a strut while it on the truck. You take out the whole assembly and put it in a spring compressor, dissasemble, put in the new strut and put it all back together again. You can buy a loaded strut assembly...
  24. chopperman1

    Mysterious Drivetrain Issue in 2003 Ram 1500

    Your transmission needs work/rebuild, it's slipping. The rear is working exactly as it's supposed to