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  1. tron67j

    bicycle Vs Ram.

    Unfortunately, I think the systems meant to warn end up desensitizing people to the alerts. I have seen it in our van and other family vehicles where it goes of so regularly in situations one starts to 'know' that the beeping is expected and to continue. For example, the way spaces are aligned...
  2. tron67j

    SLT upgrade to navigation...whats all needed?

    I did the 8.4 upgrade to my 2018 2500. The upgrade of the steering wheel controls is really a no-brainer, I highly recommend it as the control of volume and channels is so much easier to do. Part number was RAMAUDWHLKIT you can teach out to Benny at All Mopar Parts in vendor section. You...
  3. tron67j

    TO Sell or Not

    Take it to a shop that specializes in air systems to get it functioning like a 'low rider'. But take the running boards off if you have them, will be easier. Honestly, if you can get the truck down low like that it will be easier than some other vehicles as the floor is flat to the edge, huge...
  4. tron67j

    At a loss.......literally

    Have you checked your fuel pressure, it should remain within a few points at level and at the peak. Are you running a filter like K&N? A good regular air filter is preferred. Also, maybe a bad MAP sensor? Good luck
  5. tron67j

    Cybertruck 1 Ram 0

    Saw this online. Should be noted the Ram front end did exactly as it is supposed to in order to protect its occupants. Kind of interesting the imprint in the Cybertruck tailgate, a little momento to remember the Ram...
  6. tron67j

    ISO 8' Bed

    Also could consider a flat bed made out of wood with side stakes. Easier to load and unload. Did enough of them up in NY over my years living there. And they don't rust. Also check Craigslist
  7. tron67j

    Tail light and turn signal bulbs?

    Philips Automotive Lighting 3157LLB2 3157 Longer Life Miniature Bulb,2 Count (Pack of 1),White
  8. tron67j

    Dash cluster screen stays lit after doors are closed

    Don't think it is the door sensor, if that was bad you would probably get the door icon lit up. To me, this sounds like a bad capacitor or relay, but I admit beyond that I don't have more to offer as I am not familiar with 2011 hardware. There was a recall on some 2014 1500 trucks for...
  9. tron67j

    6.4 broke down, need diagnosis help

    I think the best route is pull the engine and work on it without having to contort yourself. Doing this deliberately is difference between fixing it and making it worse. Yes, I know this is a pain. But there are things just aren't easy to find while engine is in truck. Bolts and all are not...
  10. tron67j

    Does this appear to be repairable or totaled

    First thing is if any of the spring/axle connection points are messed up. Second need to get it in a frame machine and follow their findings. Also, connection points for bed could be affected. Getting hit at 100mph release a lot of energy onto your truck, I wouldn't be that surprised if it...
  11. tron67j

    Truck Washing Pole

    This what I received for a present, works great. Wontolf 62'' Car Wash Brush with Long Handle Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mop Mitt Wheel Brush Car Cleaning Kit Windshield Window Squeegee Microfiber Car Duster Dry Towels for Cars RV Truck Boat 10PCS
  12. tron67j

    My 2019 Ram 1500 is continuously beeping!

    Should scan for codes first if you haven't already disconnected. However, once you reconnect the battery sine fixes require a few cycles of on/off/run before warning lights stay off for good. Good luck.
  13. tron67j

    New RAM Owner 2018 Power Wagon

    Welcome to the community. Not sure of shipping to Guam, but Benny at All Mopar Parts in our vendor section might be a good place to start if you need parts.
  14. tron67j

    14 1500 v8 with the "Service ABS" light...but having otehr issues

    Do you have AlphaOBD? You should scan for codes. Since you have modules, disconnect battery and replace. Then reconnect battery, cycle through a couple on/off/drive cycles for about an hour and then scan for codes again. Then the diagnostic process can start. Be careful if the continue to...
  15. tron67j

    Rear Air Bags and Height Adjustment

    Swapping bags, if nothing else, would verify that the bag itself is not the problem. There are other things to maybe try first. I am assuming that that all the other tricks and adjustments available for airbags had already been tried because the OP was resorting to attempting to keep the weight...
  16. tron67j

    2014 ram 1500 5.6 with a tow package

    The very best way to do this is to load your truck of all gear, people, hitch, etc. and go to a truck scale and get both axle weights and total truck weight . First, take that total weight and subtract it from the GVWR value on your driver door jamb number found on the sticker. This is your...
  17. tron67j

    Lifted Ram 1500 Towing Question

    Assumption is that you are going to put bigger tires in your truck. With the truck's gearing you are going to notice the effect in getting things moving and keeping it rolling, could be unhappy with the change considering the weight you regularly tow. Regearing both front and back, if 4wd...
  18. tron67j

    Rear Air Bags and Height Adjustment

    I am all about if something doesn't fit or work, try it backwards or with multiplies swap then around.
  19. tron67j

    air suspension aftermarket replacement recommendation

    Many people have sought to eliminate the air bags, if you search on this forum you will find pages of recommendations to replace and eliminate bags. You should be able to tow just fine without the bags inflated, so really no reason to spend the money if you don't want to. Your payload capacity...
  20. tron67j

    Rear Air Bags and Height Adjustment

    Reverse the bags and see if the problem shifts to the other side.
  21. tron67j

    What's wrong with my brakes?

    As crash68 said, you can't warp brakes, they need to get over 2,000 degrees for anything like that could happen. Even NASCAR breaks don't reach those temperatures. Grinding could be the small metal tab that starts to make contact when brakes get to a certain point. Take it to a good mechanic.
  22. tron67j

    2020 Ram 1500 Unknown Plug Behind Rear Seat

    It definitely looks like a connector for an external element, it has the rubber seal and is not just an interior unit. In addition to above testing, try also testing all puns when brakes are depressed and also when running lights are in and blinkers. Not sure if you have trailer package but...
  23. tron67j

    Alfaobd and deep doodoo

    Did you copy your settings in AlphaOBD before you started changing things? If so, reset to original to get back from worse to just bad. I also recommend you read through the entire AlphaOBD sticky thread to fully understand all that others have been through, you may find answers in there. At...
  24. tron67j

    Living compartment for tourism

    A regular truck bed camper is probably going to be too heavy. You could look for something like this. VEVOR Truck Tent 8-8.5 ft,Pickup Tent for Full Size Truck Or a hard shell truck box cap found in a website like this. Good luck.
  25. tron67j

    03 cab swap

    The best I can say is that my 03 wiring didn't match what I expected when I did some work, it differed from the diagrams I found. For example, when my O2 sensor warning came on I expected to find two of them based on service manual. Ram service found one and could only figure that my 5.7 had...