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  1. Audiowriter

    Wheel Stud Recall

    I've had my wheels of several times for brakes and etc. and have never really had any problems with the lugs on or off. And this was posted on another site.
  2. Audiowriter

    Wheel Stud Recall

    I just get the Wheel Stud Recall for my 2012 3500 - I thought the recall was for newer models?
  3. Audiowriter

    Clock Spring

    Others have posted that the 28 pin is for heated steering wheel - mine is NOT heated so I need a 24 pin. Thanks for the reply's!
  4. Audiowriter

    Clock Spring

    How do I find out if my 2012 Ram 3500 ST clock spring is a 28 terminal - or - a 24 terminal so I know what to order before I remove the airbag and etc?
  5. Audiowriter

    2012 Ram stock radio / clock quit

    I have a 2012 Ram 3500 ST. Clock went blank while driving (but radio worked fine...) - tried to set time - screen said = "Clock Unavailable" Got home shut truck off. Next morning Radio and clock not working. Un-hooked batteries for an hour - re-hooked - still no radio or clock. I'll check the...
  6. Audiowriter

    Low pressure submersible fuel pump in fuel tank.

    What is the average or common mileage for these to begin to fail?? - Especially if filters have been changed like clockwork regularly.
  7. Audiowriter

    Are there decent aftermarket fuel filters that fit the Mopar mount assembly's?

    I am looking for the rear / frame mounted canister - screw-on filter because when I buy them from Genos - I get the metal fuel line assembly with the filter for $39.00. I figured the metal part is just as expensive as the canister - and a reputable aftermarket brand canister only - would be...
  8. Audiowriter

    Are there decent aftermarket fuel filters that fit the Mopar mount assembly's?

    I have bought 6 from Genos - but now I have 6 extra of the Mopar frame mounted fuel assembly's. It's only $39.00 but I really don't need more assembly's. Plus the motor located nano fuel filter is $77.00 without the canister - filter only... Ha, Ha, Ha... This is ignorant.
  9. Audiowriter

    Rear Driveshaft size question.

    I got them all done. 2 Moog's and 1 Spicer in the front axle (forget the numbers...) The rear took 3 Spicer's 5-3206X
  10. Audiowriter

    Rear Driveshaft size question.

    I have a 2012 Ram 3500 4WD Crew Cab ST DUALLY (DRW). I bought it used with 140,000 miles. However, after spending almost 3 days trying to match up the 3 REAR MAIN driveshaft U-Joints for a DUALLY (DRW)- Come to find out my driveshaft calls for SINGLE Rear Wheel U-Joints (SRW) Is this normal or...
  11. Audiowriter

    Removing factory Nylon injected retainer U-Joints

    If you don't have a cutting torch or large torch and the small hand held propane torches won't work - you can use a salamander / torpedo heater to get the job done.
  12. Audiowriter

    Front drive shaft

    Is it possible to run my 2012 3500 4WD without the front drive shaft in - until my U-Joints come in? I need to make a couple deliveries (200 mile round trip per delivery) before I can get the front U-joints changed. One of them is squeaking on occasion. Or will it throw the trans into limp mode...
  13. Audiowriter

    Short in steering wheel

    The "lights" on the buttons on both the Cruise pad on the right and the dash Control pad on the left - go "OFF" when I turn the wheel to 2 O'clock. Then back on at 3 O'clock as the wheel continues around. This does the same in the reverse direction. (The lights basically "flash" off at 2...
  14. Audiowriter

    Hack for waterpfroofing electrical connections

    If you are in a pinch situation and need to waterproof an automotive (or just low DC voltage) electrical connection - here is a hack when you have no shrink wrap tube available.
  15. Audiowriter

    Diagnostic OBD units

    I have an Autel / Maxiscan and it works - but when getting the codes from the truck itself - it shows a P0606 (ECM) / P0685 / P0689 > theses two are related to my Cruise Control not working. The Maxiscan does not show these. I also have a Panlong for android - but I haven't downloaded the...
  16. Audiowriter

    Using Marine grade grease on the cardan joint?

    After purchasing - I thought with it being thicker I wouldn't have to grease the cardan every oil change - maybe every other change - but then I did a little research about mixing - I'm just going to exchange it for some lithium.
  17. Audiowriter

    Using Marine grade grease on the cardan joint?

    Mopar suggests NLGI 2 - But - Just double checking - Below are 3 pics of the grease / tube - I bought - I read where some greases do not mix well with regular lithium types of grease (which lithium is what I have already been using) They say that some greases will "de-activate" each other and...
  18. Audiowriter

    What kind of tune is this?

    When I bought my used 2012 Ram 3500 used - as is - the lot had no idea of what this tune (or whatever it is...) for the delete was. Does anyone here know what I have in the pic?
  19. Audiowriter

    Using Marine grade grease on the cardan joint?

    I accidentally bought a tube of "Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease" which is made for high salt (ocean water) for backing the trailer in to launch a boat. \ Would this stuff be OK to use on the Cardin joint? (I didn't have my glasses on when purchasing and could only read the "Wheel Bearing"...
  20. Audiowriter

    I simplified greasing the Cardan Joint

    I just use the high temp stuff from Oriley's.
  21. Audiowriter

    I simplified greasing the Cardan Joint

    That would make it even easier!
  22. Audiowriter

    I simplified greasing the Cardan Joint

    Check out my video of how I resolved my issues with greasing the Cardan Joint.
  23. Audiowriter

    Cummins low pitch whistle sound

    It must be from the mods you made.
  24. Audiowriter

    My Experiences Greasing the Double Cardan Joint

    That's the one I turned to after the small - sharp needle did what it did.