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    Rambox Dividers

    I just cut up some 1/4" plywood to fit and painted them black...guess I could cut some slots if I wanted to store my fishing poles in there
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    Tailgate weather stripping

    If you are talking about the large gaps at the ends of the tailgate by the lights I used this...
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    If You Are Considering A Retractable Tonneau Cover, This is the One to Get

    I installed a Pack Edwards Jackrabbit a while back on my 2020 Laramie and love it...looks great and very secure. Also, if anyone is interested I have a tri-fold factory Ram cover I need to sell, must have Rambox bed. I travel between upper central Indiana and Lima, Ohio twice a week and could...
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    Poor mpg for 2022 1500

    I sold a 2013 F150 EB to buy my 2020 Ram 1500. The gas mileage isn't much different with the truck alone or towing my 12' trailer
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    Door lock knob removal

    I can tell you from personal experience that if someone wants in your truck they will get in your truck. In my case they broke the rear door glass and opened the door using the door handle...since the door handle was used from the inside the alarm does not trigger, the window breaking will NOT...
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    Truck/trailer wiring issue.Very frustrated !

    Check trailer light grounds
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    New Tonneau cover

    The kit comes with rubber gaskets but I didn't like them and still had some of this around so I used it instead
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    New Tonneau cover

    The old cover I took off is for truck with RamBoxes stake pockets
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    New Tonneau cover

    Just got done installing my new Pace Edwards/Leer Jackrabbit retractable cover in matte black. Since the new cover sits flush with the side rails I really like the way it cleans up the lines on the bed of my truck. Also, if anyone is interested I have my MOPAR trifold cover PN 628295433AA for...
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    Electrical draw

    Do an amp draw test as outlined below...basically you disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, then connect a multi-meter between the negative battery post and the negative cable itself and set your meter to read amps, meter should show amp reading...note meter reading. Now pull...
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    How do I know if my new HD coil springs are seated correctly?

    IMO if coil springs can be moved when installed correctly they are not the correct springs
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    Bed extender 2021 2500

    I have a 2020 Laramie with the multifunction tailgate and use the OEM bed extender all the time. Like someone said above had to buy the installation kit from fleabay for about $20
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    Stolen 12" screen

    I found out yesterday from the dealer tech that these are not coded to the truck...this is just a display; the radio, NAV unit is behind this and it is coded to the truck and also has it's own IP address so it could be traced if stolen and installed in another vehicle. My radio, Nav(voice only...
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    Stolen 12" screen

    I was surprised also. The main bezel is held in by 2 screws under a rubber mat in the upper storage tray and the rest is trim clips that just pop out with a trim tool...the screen is attached to the trim from behind along with the switch panel on the bottom so they took it all. Like I said...
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    Stolen 12" screen is covering it. Just wanted to make others aware that this is happening...see all kinds of these units for sale on ebay and other places. Now that mine is out I'm really surprised how easy it is to steal...2 small screws(which they broke) under the rubber mat in the top tray and...
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    2020 Ram Laramie

    Just a short introduction. I'm Dan, have a 2020 Ram Laramie Night Edition that I absolutely love...that is until some low life POS broke in and stole my 12" screen and surrounding trim. Still love my truck, now just have to wait on parts to get it fixed
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    Stolen 12" screen

    I'm just curious to see if anyone else has had their 12" screen stolen from their Ram? Mine was in a hotel parking lot, some POS broke the left rear door glass, carefully disconnected the wiring harnesses on the back of the screen and took the entire assembly, they obviously knew what they were...