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    window cleaning?

    Is it ok to use glass cleaners with ammonia in them on tinted windows?
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    Tailgate, Net, Grill or other?

    I used to haul bundles of 10-foot round duct in an 8-foot bed, and it worked perfect for easy tie downs so it wouldn't slide or roll around. Worked well for longer lumber too.
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    While my three sons were growing up, we had a "You break it, you fix it rule". They learned vehicle, mower, drywall, furniture, and many other types of repairs. All three continue to do most repairs around their own homes now.
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    Ram Guyane française

    Je doute que beaucoup de députés ici présents parlent Français. Mais vous pourriez obtenir plus de réponses si vous demandez en anglais.
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    Best Mods for Under $100

    Thanks, just ordered a pair.
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    Thin truck bed

    This thead is making me happy I put in a bed liner and mat.
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    Looking for Mud Flap options

    Yea, I have the 3.6, I'm not towing a camper. If I were, I would go with a Hitch Skirt/Flap that was easy to remove when not towing.
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    After comparing Zeiger, Chrysler Factory Warranty, and Granger Motors, I ended up going with the 8-year 100K Max Care from Granger. That was for my truck in Maryland, so do your research and compare prices. When you price with Zeigler put in "payinfull" to get $360 off quote. Also, as mentioned...
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    Looking for Mud Flap options

    I was deciding between the Husky and Weathertech mud flaps. The Husky look nicer with their sleeker rounded bottom design, but the Weathertech with the squared off designed seems to give just a little more coverage. I went with the Weathertech.
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    Best Mods for Under $100

    Could you post a link, so I can order correct size? Thanks.
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    Best Mods for Under $100

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    2022 Ram 1500 3.6 eTorque Experience

    On my trips to the flat Eastern Shore of Maryland I consistently get 23.6 mpg. My overall mpg for almost 11,000 miles is 20.8. I've found keeping it around 55-58 gives me the best mpgs, and when using cruise control if it starts shifting between 7th and 8th gear, I lock it out of 8th for better...
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    Heated Steering Wheel DownGrade

    I read somewhere there are settings for the different steering wheels that could be changed with AlfaOBD.
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    Window tints

    Had widows tinted last week, 20% on front to match rear, and 5% window brow.
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    Bed Delete - Does it still come with spare tire carrier?

    A bed delete is only a $400 credit, get the bed and sell it. You'd be ahead of the game from adding spare tire and carrier.
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    Who's got a V6 Ram 1500 5th Gen

    I picked up my Ram truck back on 1/29 and have put over 750 miles on it so far. Most of my driving has been on rural roads in Northeastern Maryland, with three trips down I95 to Annapolis. I'm averaging 19.3 on the lie-o-meter and still on my second tank of gas. As my signature says I have the...
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    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    Yea, but it's hard to shake a drum to mix the additives that settled before using.
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    Let's see those white RAMs

    Still waiting for my white 2022 but this is my 2001, also have a white 2000 F250. The old dodge is a great truck, my son and I built the flat bed a couple years ago (bed was starting to rust). Thinking about getting it ceramic coated this weekend.
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    First time tuck Owner but a life long Mopar guy...

    Welcome MoparMan380. I'll give you my 2 cents to your questions: 1) Do you recommend Linex bed liners? or any other that I can find in the NE coast? I'm going with Ram drop in bed liner with a mat. My current truck has had one in it for 22years I've thrown bricks, firewood, etc in it over...
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    Coolant Overflowing

    I agree, and to add to that I've seen a steady stream of air bubbles coming thru the radiator cap when open.
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    What have you plugged into 110v?

    I'm not going to use my $50,000+ truck as a generator. In fact, with my diesel truck I carry a Honda 2000 so I can plug it in so it will start at camp in Adirondacks during the winter months. 400 watts is fine in the truck for charging our cordless batteries and electronic devices, but I...
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    Front plate step

    A little more expense and work but put a 2" front hitch on and use a hitch step.
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    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    I use a center punch to make a hole in the bottom on my 7.3 Superduty, it holds about 1 1/2 quarts. I made a mell of a hess once when the full oily filter slipped out of my hand on to the driveway.
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    What have you plugged into 110v?

    400 watts at 110 volts give you 3.6 amps. Keep that in mind when you use this plug. We carried a small inverter to run a nebulizer for my son when he was young when we traveled. This would have been a nice feature back in those days.
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    2022 Ram Classic (Warlock)

    Sweet truck! I like the white.