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    What should I pay for an 18 with leather/sunroof non rambox with approx 55k on it.

    ^^^ what he said. I had a 13 PW with 5.7/66rfe and 4.56 gears, 15 PW 6.4/66rfe and 4.10s. Now I have a 22 with the 8 speed. I always missed the 13 because of the lower gear ratio. It would blow away the 15 performance wise. Now that I have the 22 I will never go back to anything older than a 19...
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    Next question - any reason to avoid a 2021 75th anniversary? (see post #31)

    That’s a strange badge. The horsepower and torque shows the correct numbers but the rpm numbers are way off. HP should be 5200 rpm and TQ should be 4000 rpm IIRC.