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    Buy Now Before Inflation!

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    Missing parts on New Ram Classic?

    I’ll take it
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    FS: 22x12 Wheels & Tires - AG Forged - Polished Candy Apple Red

    Wow a great deal…too bad I’m stationed in ND
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Where'd you get em from??
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    I LOVE my new Warlock...

    You running spacers?? What tires are those?
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    Atrend A201-10CP single 10" sub box

    Thanks unc. I bought the JL 10w0v34 as well and an audiocontrol lc1i to tap into the rear and provide rca for the amp that i plan on purchasing. Just piecing it all together.
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    Atrend A201-10CP single 10" sub box

    Any pics or setup steps? I am thinking of doing something similar. Did you tap into rear speakers or use a LOC?