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    Retrax rails/install

    I have a RetraxPro MX on my 2018 and my 2022 - stake pockets are completely covered on both and my rails are parallel. There is an optical illusion if you look at the outside edges of the rails because they are contoured/tapered to follow the exterior bed rail. Measure the distance between the...
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    Roll up tonneau cover suggestions

    I have a Retrax MX Pro roll up tonneaus on my 2018 and 2022. Couldn’t be happier. They have a version that is compatible with an exterior rail system as well. Nick (@Nick@GotExhaust) here has supplied both of mine. Can’t beat his prices or service, in my opinion.
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    Bigger battery for your truck

    I put an H8/Group 49 Oddssey (49-950) in my 2018 PW. Just remove the divider and drop in the larger battery.
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    Power wagon winch remote

    You can go wireless too. I have the wireless WARN 90287 for my 2018 PW.
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    Wireless Warn winch remote

    I have a Warn P/N: 90287 for my 2018.
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    Oil Filter Thread

    This is a 20-500, but even with the 20-820, I had plenty of room. The fun part is getting it in there.
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    Oil Filter Thread

    I don’t have any interference with the lower hose when running the 20-820 with the 6.4 in my 2018 Power Wagon. The only issue I had with it was getting it in and out due to the limited space in that area. I only prefer the 20-500 over the 20-820 because it’s easier to maneuver in and out.
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    Oil Filter Thread

    For me, the 10-48 just felt like it was too small. The 20-820 is larger, both in diameter and length and it will fit. It was just a little more difficult to get in and out. The 20-500 is the same diameter as the 10-48, just longer.
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    Oil Filter Thread

    I’ve run the 10-48, 20-820, and the 20-500 on my 6.4. No issues with figment or leakage with any of them. My personal preference is the 20-500 at this point.
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    Sorry for delayed response, Nick has Covid

    Damn Nick. Get well soon!
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    Sway bar disconnect

    Try turning your wheels right and left a few times while creeping forward or in reverse - it should relieve any torsion on the bar and allow it to disconnect. Mine will rarely disconnect otherwise.
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    Lifter failure!

    I can confirm my 2018 Power Wagon with the 6.4 will do exactly that - go pedal down, turn the key, cranks without firing for 15-20 seconds. I do it every time it has sat in the garage for a few days before I start it.
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    Auto transporter west to east coast

    I’ve used Enclosed Vehicle Transport several times to go from NJ to CA and back over the years. Always great to work with and never had any damage to my vehicles. Enclosed Vehicle Transport
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    Oil Filter Thread

    Don’t forget the Fram Ultra that crosses to the RP 20-500. P/N: XG10575. The bypass on the Fram is 16-28psi and the 20-500 is 18-22psi (according to BITOG Post #35). Slightly higher than the other Fram and RP filters that fit our trucks.
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    What is your favorite car washing soap?

    Optimum Car Wash Great lubricity, cleans well, doesn’t leave anything behind. Has a pleasant aroma too.
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    Looking for 1/2 impact wrench

    I’ve had my DeWalt since December and it doesn’t skip a beat. I have a couple 6aH batteries for it that seems to never die.
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    New drag link torque spec?

    Torque specs can be found in the actual recall document. See page 15.
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    Replace 2018 Drag link with 68338342AD and need torque specs

    Torque specs can be found in the actual recall document. See page 15.
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    Replacement Drag Link

    Torque specs can be found in the actual recall document. See page 15.
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    I’ll admit that I’ve been highly critical on here about how FCA has handled this recall (I still think they are handling it poorly), what often appears to be arbitrary handling of reimbursements, as well as RamCares and their ability to do anything on the subject matter. As far as RamCares is...
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    Sagging headliner around sunroof

    I had the same problem in my 2018 Power Wagon. I also had the same problem in my 2009 Trailblazer SS when it was new and never had an issue with it after and it was still rock solid when I sold it in 2015. I tried the same solution on my PW that I used on my SS. First I pulled the Velcro off...
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    You are correct, my claim was rejected because the welds has already been completed and they considered the ‘repair’ to be complete. The issue for me is that the ‘repair’ isn’t a proper repair at all. It’s a band-aid by a multi-billion dollar company that could do the right and install the...
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    Is PPF needed with Duraflaps??

    For those of you with Duraflap flaps installed, did you install paint protection film on your fender lip or flares prior to installing? If not, has anyone experienced or seen any damage to the pain beneath when the flaps have been removed? My flaps are coming today and I figured I would ask...
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    Alpine system speaker upgrade

    Sounds like it could be a phasing issue. Make sure you re-verify that you have all your speakers in-phase (essentially the cones are all moving in the same direction) all positive poles are connected to positives and all negative poles are connected to negatives. This may still need to be...