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  1. jws123

    P0481 Cooling Fan Control Circuit Malfunction

    Some do some dont just look on the fan mine was only a 1 speed fan most likely what you have since its a 2011.
  2. jws123

    P0481 Cooling Fan Control Circuit Malfunction

    You need to check the fuses aswell as test the fan un plug it jump 12v to it see if it powers on if that and the wiring check out then yes its a tipm thing you can still drive it will effect nothing since you have a clutch fan your a/c will lack at a stand still thats all you may also want to un...
  3. jws123

    2016 1500 back on blocks

    Jack it up look for loose lug nuts ball joints tie rods hub bearings ect other possible causes are cv joints and sticking brake caliper .
  4. jws123

    2011 RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi spark plugs: Iridiums are a bad bet?

    I have only had luck using the OEM NGK plugs in hemis whatever it came with factory use that also you dont need to swap them every 30k i had 100k on mine when i had my 2011 lol. others will chime in.
  5. jws123

    Ball Joint Replacement... Just joint or entire arm?

    For the uppers just buy the whole arm its cheap and quick the lowers you can press out/re use the arm.
  6. jws123

    Chirp after cam lifter ?

    Sounds fine to me just run it on a good note its WAY quieter then mine after a cam/lifter replacement also change oil after 1k miles.
  7. jws123

    2018 Ram 2500 cam wipe

    You can most likely just do the cam I have done at least 30 cams all of them still running engine will need to ble flushed out a few times the only time I would say dont do a cam is if it sounds like it has a rod knock or its a high mileage engine 200k+
  8. jws123

    Oil Consumption-Can Anything Be Done?

    My 2011 used the about same amount of oil when my cam went at 180k I replaced valve stem seals did help but high mileage is high mileage It is still running at 240k sold it last year Like mentioned above go to 5w30 just check on oil after long trips ect.
  9. jws123

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    You are going to have a Hell of a time trying to pull with that 3.6 car/truck prices are rapidly dropping at the moment you may be able to find a good deal on a new truck/trade yours in soon. I tow a 38ft boat and my car trailer with my 2014 1500 5.7 You know its there but it takes it like a...
  10. jws123

    Unknown misfire

    Make sure your compression tester is accurate have been done over by faulty testers before.
  11. jws123

    04 5.7 4x4 transfer case

    If not most good junk yards offer shipping its just a tcase so not hard shipping.
  12. jws123

    Take intake manifold to the carwash?

    if its on the top of the pistons it means someone has been there before lol possibly had engine rebuilt once.
  13. jws123

    Rocket arm play

    You awnsered your own question lifters have not been pumped up yet.
  14. jws123

    Ram 2500 6.4 hemi pick up tube

    No it would not trans has nothing to do with motor no connection oil wise and the pan in the picture is your ENGINE pan. It sounds like you ran something over and hit both pans bending the ENGINE pickup tube hence loss of oil pressure. I recommend pulling 1 rod cap looking at bearing if it looks...
  15. jws123

    Fix it, Trade it, Sell-It?

    You should upload a vid of the noise will help to confirm if its a lifter. If the rest is in good shape no rust rot ect its worth fixing I had my 2011 for a long time got it up to 230k sold it before someone wrecked it. The cam was done around 170k some will say the trans sucks gearing bla bla...
  16. jws123

    Help no start

    Take a set of jumper cables clamp one end to starter body the other end to neg terminal see if it fires up i have chased a ground issue on 3 trucks very similar situation never could figure it out just added new ground wire.
  17. jws123

    Remote Start

    Scan your truck for codes remote start will not work with current codes also make sure hood shut all the way.
  18. jws123


    Is it a ram 1500 or 2500? sounds like you have a bad MDS solenoid you have to pull the intake manifold they are under it. Also when is the last time you changed your oil? How often ect and what weight oil are you using all of that will effect MDS.
  19. jws123

    04 1500 transfer case

    Out of a druango but looks the same im sure someone will confirm...
  20. jws123

    Break In after New cam and lifters

    It will be fine oil pressure builds quick once fired up However most people put a light coating of grease on the cam when installing but you will be ok.
  21. jws123

    Break In after New cam and lifters

    Just crank it over for a bit build pressure they are roller lifters no real break in required older engines had flat tappet lifters and required break in Just make sure you change the oil after about 1k miles.
  22. jws123

    2014 Ram 5.7 Bad Lifter AGAIN!

    Had my valve covers off yesturday didnt see anything I just picked up a Spare hemi engine off FB got a crazy deal on it was in a wreck it has ab 120k on it. So im going to run my truck til it blows whenever that is then swap engine hopefully by then prices will be back down on parts and I can...
  23. jws123

    2014 Ram 5.7 Bad Lifter AGAIN!

    ya ruled out a injector did the kill test to each cylinder sounds the same also not sure that a injector would only sound loud when hot idles smooth as butter.
  24. jws123

    2014 Ram 5.7 Bad Lifter AGAIN!

    How it sounds COLD. How it sounds hot at operating temp has been way louder then this at times.
  25. jws123

    3.7 Engine NO LONGER NEEDED.