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  1. Lil' Rob

    12" Killing USB memory sticks

    The USB reader in the truck may not like the size of the stick...something to do with its processor...too much stuff for it search through and/or read. I've seen other devices I use USB's for puke and load files slowly on 32GB USB drives. I use a 64 in my truck and don't have issues as...
  2. Lil' Rob

    New Falken AT Tire?

    Found that size at Discount Tire...
  3. Lil' Rob

    My new Falken Wildpeak A/T4W tires

    My factory tires are the Wildpeak A/T3's...going on 4 years with them...only 28k on them, but will need to replace in the coming months...was looking at the Wildpeak A/T4W's...let us know how they handle snow if you get any of that white stuff down your way.
  4. Lil' Rob

    Air suspension question

    I've got a 2020 and get a similar sound in those situations as well, so I am curious as well. I am looking at taking mine in before the warranty ends as it seems more and more the compressor seems to kick on by itself.
  5. Lil' Rob

    2020 RAM 2500 6.7 Cummins blown due to dealer error

    Another question is what all has to come out of the truck to replace the engine? I had something like this with a F___ I used to have. Within the first few months after the engine replacement I had transmission issues, leaking coolant, electrical problems, and computer problems related to the...
  6. Lil' Rob

    Pouring leak from the roof of my 2019 Big Horn: NOT HAPPY

    Unfortunately I was out of town working...wife and son picked it up...when I did get home, spotted that almost immediately...can't believe that service advisor still has a job after my talk with the manager...long story short I'll be considering a different dealer for any future work.
  7. Lil' Rob

    Rear window cable showing?

    Listening in on I've never noticed any cable visible back there...and...I about to have my rear window replaced due to a crack in the frame.
  8. Lil' Rob

    Pouring leak from the roof of my 2019 Big Horn: NOT HAPPY

    My 2020 is having the same problem. From what I am being told there is a seam in the metal along the roof under under those black plastic molding strips that go from front to back. I was told that that was where my water is coming through from. All the dealer supposedly did was to caulk/seal...
  9. Lil' Rob

    Reflective Concepts hood decal install

    I went a slightly different route using decals from the same company...first swapped out the chrome badge for black and then added some color.
  10. Lil' Rob


    That's kind of what I figured...don't need a ******* match with a dealer over something like that...thanks.
  11. Lil' Rob


    Does anyone know installing this would void the warranty?
  12. Lil' Rob

    5th Gen Camper Shell Pics

    Leer with 1-piece tilting side window...also have the removable slider inside.
  13. Lil' Rob

    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    Will installing any of these relocation kits possibly void my warranty?
  14. Lil' Rob


    I couldn't find a decent location in the firewall either when running some wires for additional lighting...and I didn't want to drill a new hole. I did, however, find an existing hole with some room under the front driver's side door sill plate. I had just enough room to get my two wires...
  15. Lil' Rob

    What have you plugged into 110v?

    Aerator to keep minnows alive.
  16. Lil' Rob

    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    Which relocation kit did you use? And, where did you mount the new one? Thanks.
  17. Lil' Rob

    RAM rail system uses

    I have a cap on my truck and use that rail to mount my spare boat trailer tire
  18. Lil' Rob

    Quieter after oil change

    I am looking to do my first oil change (right at 4k miles) and am getting confused over all the info and other places as to which oil filter to get. I've got a 2020 with the standard 5.7 in it. I'd like to get the Royal Purple oil filter, but am looking for the correct part number. Is it the...
  19. Lil' Rob

    Rear Step Recall

    Got mine with that package as well. Haven't seen anything for a recall come my way.
  20. Lil' Rob

    Wheel To Wheel 5" Side Steps Install

    I installed 5' steps on mine, but they weren't wheel-to-wheel. They did have three mounting locations on each side. Make sure you clean the paint off of the studs underneath before trying to put the nuts on. There's more info on this topic in other threads, but can't recall anything specific to...
  21. Lil' Rob

    I’ll use this as my “ build log “...

    Thanks for the tips...definitely helpful.
  22. Lil' Rob

    I’ll use this as my “ build log “...

    I removed the upper, inside tail gate cover to have a look inside, so it makes sense to remove the whole thing. Was there an adhesive also holding it on? The entire back side of my replacement one has an adhesive pad, along with the tabs. I would think the original would be the same. If there...
  23. Lil' Rob

    I’ll use this as my “ build log “...

    How difficult was it to remove the large Ram head from the tailgate? I am looking to replace the chrome one with a black one. Any tricks to getting it off? I believe there is some adhesive along with the tabs. Thanks.