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  1. Stewart14

    Canadian members!!

    What offset is your Fuel Assault wheels? I went with -18 offset . I took my fender flares off just to see what it would look like .. I Like it without the flares .
  2. Stewart14

    Canadian members!!

    Truck looks great .... Check out Rams of Ontario on facebook for local meet ups with other Ram owners .
  3. Stewart14

    Canadian members!!

    Dundas Ontario...
  4. Stewart14

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Honestly I didn't notice any difference in the ride after the new tires and the lift. But then again I only drive my truck on weekends and they are shorts trips .
  5. Stewart14

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Thank you !!!
  6. Stewart14

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Added new lift , wheels and tires . Went with 4 inch Ready Lift with rear Bilstein shocks , Fuel Assault 20X10 -18 and Toyo 35X1250X20 tires. I love the new look .
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    Welcome to the forum...
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Newbie here from Tulsa

    Welcome and nice looking truck.
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    New to Ram forum

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    New to the Forum

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    New ram owner

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Newbie in Michigan

    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    fresh 6" lift

    Looks nice .
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    New to the Ram Fam

    Welcome to the forum .. Nice looking truck .
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    New Ram owner

    Welcome to the forum .
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    New Member

    Welcome and nice looking truck !
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    This is Rousey

  20. Stewart14

    First Ram 1500

    Welcome ... Nice looking truck !
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    New RAM Owner from Gatineau, QC

    Welcome nice looking truck ...
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    How much for just the taillights ?
  23. Stewart14

    Need help with Pedel Commander Install.

    I thought I would update this issue . I received a new PC last week installed it this morning and no issues works like a charm . Thanks everyone for the help .