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  1. josdad00

    Diablo I-tune 3 Platinum & diablo unlocked PCM (Sold)

    I have a 2015 Ram Express with the 5.7. Would this be compatible with my truck?
  2. josdad00


    What is the paint color code? PAR? Thanks
  3. josdad00

    2019 Classic Power Folding, Heated. Tinting, Mirrors

    I do have the temp sensor on the bottom of my drivers side mirror. As long as that matches up. I hope it is good. I'm trying to verify the fitment myself but haven't been able to confirm anything yet.
  4. josdad00

    2019 Classic Power Folding, Heated. Tinting, Mirrors

    I want to buy these but when I check the drivers side part number it says it only fits 2017-2020. I have a 2015. The passenger side says it fits 2015-2020. Do you have any idea what's different about the drivers side mirror?
  5. josdad00

    Edge Pulsar

    Message sent.
  6. josdad00

    Black Painted Sport Mirrors 4th Gen

    Are these the Maximum Steel Metallic? Code PAR? If so they would match my truck. If they are I would definitely like to purchase these.
  7. josdad00

    Complete How to do a LED Conversion

    I found these resistors on Amazon so I didn't have to do anything to my wiring harness. I've only had them installed for a few days but good so far. No errors. I'm using them on a set of switchback led's. They just plugged right in...
  8. josdad00

    Bulb list for 4th gens

    9006 Fog Lights What I found was that if you have the vertical style fog lights the bulb is a 9006 but if you have the horizontal style it is a 9145. Please correct me if this is wrong but that's what I found on my truck and a little looking around online.
  9. josdad00

    FS: Gentex Homelink / Compass /Auto Dim Mirror

    Is this still available?