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  1. mb33458

    2021 Ram crew cab etorque

    If you have your original battery that might be the issue. I would have it load tested, and evaluate the results. Not sure about the reboot. You might want to check your fuses, make sure they are seated properly. I checked mine a few months ago, and was surprised at how many fuses/modules...
  2. mb33458

    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    I installed a NOCO Genius 2D, to keep my 3 year old OEM battery juiced up.
  3. mb33458

    First oil change

    I would let the dealership do the first oil change. On my first OC (which was free) the dealership cracked the oil pan taking the plug out. It was replaced on their dime, but I have the feeling, if I cracked the pan on the first change it would have been my $$.
  4. mb33458 are you liking it?

    I am sure you will hear a lot of different opinions on the etorque. My truck is a 21 Bighorn with the V6, and I have nothing bad to say about the etorque. I have about 9k miles on my truck.
  5. mb33458

    Trouble With Folding Mirror

    A few weeks ago I got in my truck and attempted to fold the passenger side mirror using the power folding function. The mirror attempted to fold inward but when it got to its most inward position it began to cavitate and eventually stopped moving. It did not lock inward all the way, and when I...
  6. mb33458

    Foggy Headlight cleaning hack

    I have an 08 Nissan Altima that I would sand and buff regularly. I finally just bought new headlight covers off Amazon for $160, and replaced the old covers. Took about 2 hours to complete (also replaced the windshield wash pump) and was pretty easy to do. No more buffing/sanding.
  7. mb33458

    23 bighorn wheel covers

    I believe they are aluminum wheels, but they are chrome clad. They glue a chrome/? cover over the aluminum wheel.
  8. mb33458

    Anyone not have any problems with their etorque 5.7

    I have a 2021 1500 Bighorn V6 with 8500 miles on it, no problems with the etorque.
  9. mb33458

    How Do You Clean Your Leather?

    You can use anything you would use to clean your skin. Soap and water, lanolin, and then follow up with a good leather conditioner roduct.
  10. mb33458

    No solution?

    What about some sort of ramp?
  11. mb33458

    Looking for extra wheel

    You might try ebay. You can find take offs from people who have changed wheels. I bought one to replace a damaged wheel on my 1500, it was light new.
  12. mb33458

    Help! 15.5 MPG vs 22 MPG

    I average about 19.8 overall, so you are in the ballpark.
  13. mb33458

    Brand new RAM died in the middle of the road!

    I hope your truck dries out and starts working again. If moisture on the dash is an issue, why dont these tint shops put down a water barrier like a towel, or something?
  14. mb33458

    Oil Change frequency

    I dont put many miles on my truck, about 4k over the past year. I take my truck to the dealership each year and have the oil change and tries rotated. They use full synthetic 0W20 (with OEM filter change), and I usually have a coupon. One year it was free, this year it cost me about $77. The...
  15. mb33458

    2015 RAM Manual

    I dont have one for sale, but I found one on ebay for my 2021 1500. You might try looking there? I found this...
  16. mb33458

    New to Trucks - how would you upgrade?

    As far as a bed step goes there are many different ones out there. I actually bought one of ebay, and love it. Makes life easier, or at least getting in as nd out of the truck bed easier. This is similar to what I bought, but there are many name brand bed steps out there...
  17. mb33458

    New to Trucks - how would you upgrade?

    I like the look of your truck, but like others have said, new wheels and tires. Not a cosmetic item, I would also add a retractable bed step. I would put the remainder of the 10k in a CD and let it grow for future needs/upgrades.
  18. mb33458

    Etorque v6 vs normal v6

    I dont have a lot to share, but I have 7800 miles on mine with no issues. I have a 2021 1500 CC Bighorn. I dont work it too hard towing under 5500 lbs, carry sod 1/2 pallet at a time, mulch and normal household hauling. I am not bothered by the stop start, it generally works very smoothly. Not...
  19. mb33458

    Power steering in Break Fluid (2005 Ram)

    Many years ago, we had an oil change and the mechanic put power streering fluid In the brake fluid reservoir. The result, as the fluid heated up the brakes would self apply. If it was me I would have the break system flushed and refilled, save on the aggravation.
  20. mb33458

    Power Polisher Required?

    Depending on how deep the scratches are, you might consider a clay bar. I pur a scratch on my truck with the handle of my lawn mower, clay bar took it right out.
  21. mb33458

    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    This weekend I finished my lawn project by loading another half pallet of sod and 20 bags of mulch.
  22. mb33458

    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    I picked up half a pallet of sod.
  23. mb33458

    Mopar vs Weathertech mats

    Weather tech mats are nice, I put them in my wife's car. I put the Husky mats in my 21 Bighorn, they are very nice floor mats. Take a look at the Husky mats before you buy another mat.
  24. mb33458

    Where the Florida peeps at?

    Sunny Jupiter checking in.
  25. mb33458

    2022 Ram 1500 Rear Bumper Damage

    I dont thinks it very easy to pound out a dent on a steel bumper. I have a small one in mine and was told I had to take it to someone who specializes in steel bumper dent removal, or replace the bumper. In the end I kept the dent.