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    New to me 2018 Power Wagon, and new to me issues I could use some help sorting out

    Have you tried engaging the lockers off-road or we’re just on pavement? That will make a difference. Both of my Paws didn’t lock on pavement and I needed to be on softer ground. Also I would recommend servicing the guilds in both axels. One of my trucks had water intrusion in the front diff that...
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    CM BED Flat bed discussion

    Cm makes a great bed. I had the rd on a single cab 3500 60 inch cab the axle. I’m sure the AL will hold up to the camper you plan to install on it. With the weigh directly over both sets of frame rails (the chassis and the bed frame) I’m sure it will hold fine.
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    8' hard tonneau cover tri fold 3rd & 4th Gen $250

    would you meet me half way? I’m in northern nj
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    Front Bumper Replacement

    So not on a PW but wanted to show you my High Country Customer bumper. I bought this for my power wagon when I owned it and never installed it. It sat in my yard for a year before I finally had it mounted to my 2500 Cummins. These bumpers will not fit a diesel truck without modification. It...
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    4WD Shift in Process

    I’ve been getting this message intermittently in my 4x4 g56. I will have to order the sensor as stated previously.
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    2024 Laramie - Ham Radio / GMRS Antenna Mount

    The setup in my work truck, allows me to talk with my operators in machines on our job sites
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    Stock 3500 springs

    I agree.
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    Stock 3500 springs

    I’m pretty sure there is a series with coils. Could be wrong though. Think I’m wrong
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    Stock 3500 springs

    Looking for a set of stock rear 3500 coil springs for a 2018. Let me know what you have please
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    Abel Components "Full Smart Bar Bypass"

    Heck of a deal here. Someone buy this
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    2018 Manual fold Tow Mirrors

    Would you sell the drivers side only?
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    Selling my Power wagon

    Update for you guys. Miss checking these posts daily. Wheels and bumper from my PW
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    Gun Rack?

    Well talked about topic in other posts. I’m sure a few guys will put some pics in for you to see but you need to be more specific. When I owned a PW I had a few places for different items. There is a company for a lock box that mounts under the /20 seat of you don’t have buckets, sure they...
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    Sold. Sorry for the late response
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    High county customs bumper

    Anyone interested In this bumper here? Looking to make a deal dropped the price to $1800
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    Well, Goodbye Power Wagon

    I thought you were going to show us a pic of the new GTR lol. Great sale. I did the same with my 2018. I put 25k mile on it in a year and a half and sold it for 3k more than I paid. Nuts
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    2021 75th Anniversary PW Ordered

    I think not
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    75th Anniversary Mods/Upgrades

    High claim item. Aka don’t mess my shit up
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    75th Anniversary Mods/Upgrades

    Good mods for sure
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    Power Wagons ... Post em up!

    This is the color I would have gotten
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    unxpctd's 2021 75A Build Thread

    Skip the Velcro on the tailgate. It gets gummed up with road dirt and will eventually pull off if you are in and out of the bed often. Then you are left with glue residue on your tailgate to collect more road dirt. That was my experience
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    Power Wagons ... Post em up!

    So they use a different winch on the prospectors then I take it?