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  1. Kootbiker

    Tire air pressure

    I ran the door sticker pressures on the original Goodyear Duratracs, 45psi rears and 55psi fronts, ride was very good. Just replaced the worn out Duratracs with Coopers equivalent tire. I am trying 43 psi in the rear and 53 psi in the front because the Duratracs lost most of their tread from the...
  2. Kootbiker

    Living with MDS, 2019 6.4 w/ 65k

    The only way I can tell my MDS is functioning is the light on the dash comes on. Push the tow button and it never comes on. I live in a rural mountain area and the only time I see the MDS light is going downhil.
  3. Kootbiker

    Slow filling gas tank

    So weird this problem, I have never experienced this. I always pump my own fuel and stop when it pops the lever. I never top it up, 3 years old, 60,000 kms, lot’s of different gas stations I’ve visited while pulling my travel trailer.
  4. Kootbiker

    Is Idling Really an Issue for Gas Engines?

    With the price of gas these days I don’t see why anyone would leave their vehicle idling.
  5. Kootbiker

    Oil filter dumb and dumber

    Do you remember the thread size of the Valvomax you used. Amazon has a listing for the Valvomax but you need the drain plug thread size and pitch.
  6. Kootbiker

    Rebel Duratrax tires

    Just wondering how many kilometers or miles are Rebel owners getting out of their Goodyear Duratrax tires? Mine are worn to the point that they won’t make the winter, 58,000 kms on them.
  7. Kootbiker

    Rebel / TRX

    I would get the TRX if I could afford it or for that matter one of each.
  8. Kootbiker

    Rebels are rare

    Does anyone out there have a diesel Rebel? I am thinking about trading my Rebel Hemi in for a V6 diesel version. I pull a 7000 lb travel trailer and I want some better fuel mileage.
  9. Kootbiker

    Battery failure under Warranty/won't pay

    Winnipeg is probably the best place to test the longevity of a battery.
  10. Kootbiker

    I'm about to order a new 2022 Rebel Ecodiesel...

    I think the diesel option for the Rebel ads quite a bit to the initial cost.
  11. Kootbiker

    Recall: All Weather Floor Mats may Interfere with (Adjustable) Pedals

    Now they are replacing the floormat with a different one.
  12. Kootbiker

    TRX vs Durango Hellcat

    Get the TRX!
  13. Kootbiker

    How many 5th gen guys have had no issues?

    7 months and 8000kms, no issues.
  14. Kootbiker

    Mountain towing

    I think your Buddy is yanking your chain.
  15. Kootbiker

    Fill from gas can?

    I guess you didn’t read your owners manual.
  16. Kootbiker

    From Jeep Gal to Truck - Towing a TT Across the US

    I also traded a Jeep in and bought a Ram Rebel just for towing our 18’ travel trailer. The receiver style hitch on mine can be moved out so the the trailer lift handle just clears when lowering the tailgate. Mirrors are great for towing and the backup camera is perfect for hooking up the ball...
  17. Kootbiker

    Oil/filter and tire rotation 10,000 miles??

    I will wait for my oil life monitor to tell when the oil change is due. Modern oils go longer and modern engines run cleaner.
  18. Kootbiker

    "What DON'T you like about your 5th Gen RAM"?

    Better trade it in while it’s still worth something.
  19. Kootbiker

    2017 F-150 Lariat 5.0 to 19 Rebel?

    Had my Rebel 2 months now, very impressive truck.
  20. Kootbiker

    Who transitioned from a midsize and how do you like it?

    I have a Honda Ridgeline and a Ram, depends on what I am doing that day. Driving in town the smaller truck is easier to find a parking spot. Towing a travel trailer on the highway the Ram is much better.
  21. Kootbiker

    "What DON'T you like about your 5th Gen RAM"?

    No heated exterior mirrors.
  22. Kootbiker

    Compass not working

    Mine works inconsistent as well, depends on gps signal I think. I don’t have the navigation option. It was very intermittent along the Oregon coast on a trip last november.
  23. Kootbiker

    Integrated Trailer Brake Controller Problem

    Did you figure this problem out?