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  1. ZakkBaker

    Pedal Commander

    I've got one sitting in my office that I have been needing to sell....PC31 bluetooth Have not got around to listing it in the sell section yet..
  2. ZakkBaker

    Carven progressive muffler LOUD!

    I have a 2018 w/ 8 speed & 3.92 gears. I just bought the Carven Progressive & 5" tips. Exhaust was also a lot louder than I expected. Sounds great, but not sure If i want to keep it or not. Coming from a nearly silent cab w/ the stock set-up, to this gets a bit annoying. You can slightly hear...
  3. ZakkBaker

    SOLD Borla Pro XS

    You would post this right after I purchased a muffler this weeked.... It was between this & carven for me. Heard the Borla sounds very good though. What muffler are you going with now?
  4. ZakkBaker

    37" Toyo MT XD addict wheels

    Good looking set-up, wish I could fit 37's! GLWS
  5. ZakkBaker

    Black Friday SALES here at Got Exhaust

    PM sent. Looking forward to making a purchase with you.
  6. ZakkBaker

    Error free LeD license plate lights??!!

  7. ZakkBaker

    4th gen grille guard

    lone12star, still looking at parting with your grille guard?? @lone12star
  8. ZakkBaker

    4th gen grille guard

    Where in TX are you located and how much?
  9. ZakkBaker

    2wd 3" lift

    RC 3" lift I just installed the 3" lift on my truck this month. It was lowered 2" in the front and 4" in the back so I had a lot of work to do. This is my 2nd 3" RC lift I have purchased (one on my other dodge) and I have been happy with them. Can't beat it for $300. And it's not difficult to...
  10. ZakkBaker

    Best gloss effect for plasti-dip?

    ^Exactly. I've got a can, haven't used it yet, but wanna see the outcome.
  11. ZakkBaker

    55watt 6000k headlight and foglights hids

    I haven't used paypal in the longest...but years ago, I thought you could send the money "as a gift" and it wouldnt charge that? Just a thought, trying to help out :D
  12. ZakkBaker

    First attempt at NiteShades

    I probably waited around 10-15 mins after the VHT. I thought you were supposed to wait. Should I have clear coated almost immediately? And I did 2 heavy coats of the clear. Then Used 2000 grit. I wetsanded for what I thought was a while, and was worried I may burn through the clear. And lastly I...
  13. ZakkBaker

    First attempt at NiteShades

    I followed the DIY posted by Demon-Hemi and used everything he did. It didnt come out terrible, I suppose it could be worse, but the job isn't as perfect as I hoped it would be (I'm a bit of a perfectionist). I sanded at the end for like 15 mins to get rid of the orange peel, but didnt want to...
  14. ZakkBaker

    RetroShop level 2 tinted LED tails & 3rd brake light

    Wow, they wouldnt let you use those?! What a dick...
  15. ZakkBaker

    Just my luck...fml

    Lol! Oh I see now, just read his post..Well he honked at me! Looking now I do see some red jk Well me and my dad got a crowbar and mini sledge hammer and beat the metal out of the path of the tailgate. It can come all the way down now, took it off and beat more with the...
  16. ZakkBaker

    Just my luck...fml

    Yeah, it does seem like we've had some bad Haha Gray, no I wasn't. :D Only thing I'd throw at a fellow Ram owner is a thumbs up! Just minding my own business at 11pm, parked where I usually am, inside sleeping. It was probably a Ford guy behind this.... Yeah it blows... Likely...
  17. ZakkBaker

    Just my luck...fml

    Figures some crap like this would happen to me. I guess last night some ******* decided to run into my truck. I went to load my boxes in the bed this morning and the tailgate wasn't coming down... This is why. So I have the police coming here in a few minutes to file a hit and run...and I was...
  18. ZakkBaker

    Custom Built Bumper

    Wow, Nice work!
  19. ZakkBaker

    There and back again.

    Sharp truck, welcome!
  20. ZakkBaker

    HELP: my truck leans!

    Ram suspension problems....not
  21. ZakkBaker

    Maryland/Virginia Members?

    Winchester, Va
  22. ZakkBaker

    You ever have that feeling....

    lol wut!? Your black dog in the first pic hahaha.
  23. ZakkBaker

    Underhood mods almods complete.

    Wow. Lovin the silver and blue theme, very nice
  24. ZakkBaker

    Poor guy

    Dang...I'd like to hear more about that. Looks like a beast ass truck too.