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  1. Ocelot

    Replace rear brake dust shield without removing axle by splitting them, or leave them off?

    I'm getting ready to replace the brakes and rotors on my 2011. Unfortunately, the rear brake dust shields are rotted out as typical in the NE. I really don't want to get into opening the differential and pulling the axles just to replace the dust shields, so I'm trying to decide whether to leave...
  2. Ocelot

    Looking for a lighter tire

    In my experience towing for over 30 years, a couple hundred pounds of tire won't make a noticeable difference in MPG. Tread might make a bigger difference than weight. The 3 biggest influences on towing mileage are speed, trailer frontal area, and terrain. Speed makes a huge difference. When...
  3. Ocelot

    Insurance premiums

    I'm also in rural NY and pay about the same. I have full coverage, towing, glass, etc, and a low deductible, but my Ram is only a 2011 with 80,000 miles. It seems that's just the way it is here. I have USAA insurance because I'm a veteran, and they were cheaper than everyone else with similar...
  4. Ocelot

    Superchips Flashpaq tune, and the Ram Tow/Haul button?

    Thanks - I wasn't sure how the Superchips changes the shift points in tow tune and if it did, would the Ram's tow/haul button override that, add to it, or do something weird.
  5. Ocelot

    Superchips Flashpaq tune, and the Ram Tow/Haul button?

    I have a Superchips Flashpaq F5 and I really like the difference it made on my 2011 4.7. I'm currently using the 87 tune which is great, but it says not recommended for towing. That makes sense of course, but my question is what if I use the 87 tune, but also engage the Ram Tow/Haul button when...
  6. Ocelot

    Does anyone have a 4th Gen diagram of the TPMS system or know exactly how each wheel works?

    Mine was fine for a week and it did it again today. Driving to the store and left rear went to dashes along with the warning. Got home and had to go back out and it reset and was reading the pressure in that tire again like normal. So weird.
  7. Ocelot

    Does anyone have a 4th Gen diagram of the TPMS system or know exactly how each wheel works?

    I've googled and seen this same issue with others, but no real solution. The problem is the same I've seen where most commonly, the left rear tire loses signal and "Service TPMS" comes up on the EVIC along with that tire pressure going to dashes. I've had this on and off for almost two years...
  8. Ocelot

    A Sad Day

    Some places tow if lights are damaged, even if it's otherwise drivable.
  9. Ocelot

    Top bed covers

    I may be just lucky, but I installed a cheap American Tonneau Tri-Fold cover on my 2011 back in 2012 and it's still undamaged and working great. And that's in the North East with no garage and having had feet of snow on it. I never expected it to last more than a couple of years when it was...
  10. Ocelot

    87 Octane Ethanol free vs 89 with Ethanol

    My 2011 4.7 is E-85 Flex Fuel. I have the Flex Fuel badge and the yellow fuel cap. I wonder what is different as far as engine parts that makes it a flex fuel and/or if those parts are better or worse for general longevity with regular E-10 or E-15.
  11. Ocelot

    Oil weight poll, trying find a link

    2011 4.7 Flex Fuel 5W-30 ( Used 5W-20 first 40,000 Miles or so) 61,000 Miles No noise Always Full synthetic various brands....Most often Penzzoil PUP, but also Castrol Edge, Mobil One
  12. Ocelot

    USB Hard Drive for MP3

    I don't know anything about the loud click since I never use an iPod in the truck. For the MP3 files, I don't have mine in folders currently, but if I remember correctly, I did in the past and it still worked. You can try a few folders to start just to try it out and if it works fine then load...
  13. Ocelot

    Can a cylinder misfire triger an O2 sensor code?

    The good news is that since I replaced the #8 coil and all the top plugs, there hasn't been anymore codes, including the O2 sensor. No issues towing my camper which is about 5,000 loaded 100 miles yesterday over lots of hills. Thanks everyone for the advice. Ray
  14. Ocelot

    How many Rams have you had since 2011?

    I still have mt 2011. It only recently turned 60,000 miles.
  15. Ocelot

    Can a cylinder misfire triger an O2 sensor code?

    I'll also check for leaks, but I did have the misfiring on cylinder 8. As far as I know, the post catalytic O2 sensor shouldn't have any effect on performance, even if it goes bad since I think only the first O2 sensor before the converter changes the fuel mix if it detects a lean/rich...
  16. Ocelot

    Can a cylinder misfire triger an O2 sensor code?

    That's what I was thinking also, that the O2 sensor would be more likely to read rich from a misfire. Also, this was the post catalytic sensor although it was on the same side as cylinder 8. The truck ran great again today for the 20 miles I drove it after replacing the upper plugs and the...
  17. Ocelot

    Can a cylinder misfire triger an O2 sensor code?

    I had a problem today with some rough running and the truck threw two codes. I had a P0308 cylinder 8 misfire which explains the rough running, but I also had a P2098 code which is post catalyst fuel trim system too lean on bank 2. Could the misfire cause the O2 code also or is is just a...
  18. Ocelot

    No Trailer Hitch Help!!!

    I use the the Curt style hitch with my camper and it mounts to the factory tow bar that is connected to the frame on both sides just like the full hitch. It doesn't mount only to the bumper, just one center support bolt connects to the bumper. It's rated at 6000 lbs like most class III, but it's...
  19. Ocelot

    Anyone running e85? On ram?

    My 4.7 Ram is Flexfuel. I've never seen any e85 to try or know what's different as far as parts or sensors that makes it flexfuel ready, or if it will give more power and less mileage. I wonder if it would be good for towing my camper?
  20. Ocelot

    Would you buy a WDH?

    I don't know much about boat hitches, but I have an Equalizer brand WDH hitch for my camper and wouldn't want to tow it without one. My camper is on the smaller size at only 21' and maybe 5000 lbs loaded for camping, but the built in anti-sway on the Equalizer brand is great and makes towing so...
  21. Ocelot

    My 2019's first experience in the -50deg range.

    The block heater was probably a big help. When it gets that cold, I don't think I would have even tried to start the truck in those temps without the block heater because it's not that hard to break stuff when it's that cold. Fluids just don't work well, metal contracts at different rates which...
  22. Ocelot

    Do you drive in 4WD in winter?

    Agreed. But, while it's not exactly stopping in general, for 30 years of 4WD I've found that using 4WD in low gear while going down a slippery snow covered hill holds the truck back without sliding better than using brakes. On a steep hill by my house with a stop at the bottom, I've slid even...
  23. Ocelot

    Heated turn signal mirrors

    Sorry so late answering....Yep, that was total. Saves even more if you had to take it to the dealer more than once for additional adds. Plus you can use the OBD interface for other apps, diagnostics, etc. Ray
  24. Ocelot

    Heated turn signal mirrors

    $49.95 fThe The software is around $49. The ScanTool OBDLink MX isn't cheap though, around $80. They recommend that one because apparently not all brands and models of the bluetooth OBD interfaces work with the software because of communications protocols or something like that.