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  1. Itsavrod

    2016 EcoDiedel Turbocharger

    I believe the dealership will pull the cab to access the turbo. It is not the most accessible design.
  2. Itsavrod

    Love Nitto Tires

    Very nice looking set up.
  3. Itsavrod

    Exhaust Exits/Routing

    The black looks much nicer!
  4. Itsavrod

    2021 BAK Flip on a 2013

    It is really nice! I got a good deal on it and am very happy.
  5. Itsavrod

    Where to sell wrecked 2015 eco diesel?

    How was that able to be driven at all? Let alone safely?
  6. Itsavrod

    Best Mods for Under $100

    Looks like it was.
  7. Itsavrod

    Lifted 4th Gen Pics - Show Em Off!

    It will be very hard to keep clean, especially with about a quarter mile of gravel road and driveway in and out. Looks like my tools were still in the pic from installing the side steps, they were cheap off ebay but look nice and feel really solid. The Fox are nice, but my best mod was...
  8. Itsavrod

    Barebones remote start

    I have a 2013 2500 ST. Should there be a wire near the existing hood latch that just isn't plugged in? I haven't seen anything there that looks like it isn't connected. Anyone got a picture? Edit: I just found instructions on line and a harness is needed to go from the new latch to the BCM.
  9. Itsavrod

    Best Mods for Under $100

    Here is a night time pic.
  10. Itsavrod

    I Kinda Like It....

    The hood ornament isn't great, but I do like the old-style font on the badges.
  11. Itsavrod

    Lifted 4th Gen Pics - Show Em Off!

    New to me. 6" lift I believe. Fox 2.0 all around. 22x14 TIS wheels with stretched 35s. Definitely a young man's look but it keeps growing on me.
  12. Itsavrod

    Best Mods for Under $100

    I recently bought off amazon a 3 60" led strip bed light kit. It was like $35. It lights up like the sun under my tonneau. Might be my favorite mod so far!
  13. Itsavrod

    2021 BAK Flip on a 2013

    Just a follow up. I bought the cover and it fits just like it should.
  14. Itsavrod

    2021 BAK Flip on a 2013

    I have searched and I'm 98% sure the answer is yes, but I would like confirmation. I have found a BAK Flip cover on Marketplace that came off a 2021 Ram 2500 6'4" bed without ram boxes. I have a 2013 Ram 2500 6'4" bed without ram boxes. It looks like BAK Flip's site shows the same part number...
  15. Itsavrod

    King rear shocks

    Are these stock length?
  16. Itsavrod

    What are these??

    I've had a 2013 2500 Cummins tradesman and my current 2015 Lone Star Ecodiesel that both came with them.