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  1. AdamKan

    Upper Control Arms for 2.8 bilstein lift

    Gonna get killed for this reply because the parts are cheap but after much research (not an expert but am a mechanical engineer so there's at least a basis of understanding) I went with the Mevotechs from RockAuto - They're forged steel and when put up against the stock stamped steel arms they...
  2. AdamKan

    Chrome door handles with keyless entry.

    I’d like to do the same please!
  3. AdamKan

    pics of Rams in use.

    Rubbed the wheel wells of the trailer while loading but it fit. Maxing out towing capacity is a different story though haha.
  4. AdamKan

    pics of Rams in use.

    Can you ever have too many?
  5. AdamKan

    "Tesla Style" 10.4 Android Radio Information

    Yeah was thinking about that route also...guess i liked the idea of the 10” screen for no better reason than bigger is better....Back to the factory radio upgrade search...
  6. AdamKan

    "Tesla Style" 10.4 Android Radio Information

    So mine is an RA3. When i was looking at it i thought it was the later one with android auto but i guess there were some 17s with the RA3 like mine.
  7. AdamKan

    "Tesla Style" 10.4 Android Radio Information

    On the verge of picking this up with the 7.1 software. I was initially hesitant because of all of the issues on the front end but it seems like most of the bugs have been worked out. I've got a 17 Laramie with the 8.4 and definite envy on the 19's big screen so this would be my consolation...
  8. AdamKan

    Center Console

    Interested in the trim piece that doesn't sell also as mine has a crack in it....Thanks
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  10. AdamKan


    HAHA...I totally went another route when you said ED forum...I wasn't sure how it had anything to do with trucks. I think if i had an Eco-diesel i'd call it something other than ED but that's just me. Agree that this forum has been more than beneficial for emptying my wallet with great...
  11. AdamKan

    QTP remote controlled exhaust cutout installed

    You have to hold it down to open and then hold it down until its closed. Easy to tell though because it goes from quiet to ridiculously loud! I had to warranty my first solenoid as the gears inside stripped. Seems like it should have a limit switch so that if you just hold it open or closed it...
  12. AdamKan

    Changing heater core??

    I changed it on my 99 years ago in my back yard and it was a pain in the ass but i was broke so....Basically you just get the whole dash loose and pull it far enough away on the passenger side to access the heater core. Totally doable in 1 day. I used a short 2x4 to hold the dash up and out far...
  13. AdamKan

    AMI Swing Step Bull Bar WILL FIT your GEN 4 Express/Sport

    Yours only has a latch on one side? I just installed mine from American trucks and it has a latch on each side. No rattling at all
  14. AdamKan

    AMI Swing Step Grille Guard

    I pulled the trigger since it was the only bull bar i could find that didn’t mount under the bumper and sacrifice ground clearance. I had those before on my previous Rams and it always annoyed me. The quality is much better than i was expecting and its fairly solidly mounted. It was a little...
  15. AdamKan

    Differential cover question

    I don't know crap about the subject other than this guy has been an expert for as long as i can remember. Very interesting series and learned a lot myself.
  16. AdamKan

    2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn front bumper adjustment

    Going to be hard to describe. Basically there is a bumper cover "carrier" that is thick plastic that sits on top of the chrome bumper. It has tab receivers. The body color bumper cover sits on top of that "carrier" and has tabs underneath it. On mine the tabs were not in their place and were all...
  17. AdamKan

    Crew cab 6’4” 1500’s

    My '14 had the 3.92 gears and it apparently is just set up different. When i would turn the knob to D i had to make sure i was on the brake as it wanted to go like a scalded cat. The '17 has the 3.21 gears and maybe its that or the Laramie package that they tune it down in the torque management...
  18. AdamKan

    Crew cab 6’4” 1500’s

    Old 2014 Outdoorsman Quad Cab 4x4 vs New 2017 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 w/Rambox. I've never head anything less than a full size bed and wasn't about to start now... Bilsteins at 2.8" (not yet installed in this picture) JL stealthbox with JL 500/1 Pedal Commander AMI swingstep bull bar on its way...
  19. AdamKan

    2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn front bumper adjustment

    Didn’t have any squeaking but noticed a larger than normal gap on my new 17 compared to my 14 between the plastic bumper cover and the metal bumper. The issue was that the bumper cover has little tabs under it that slide over a plastic “carrier” that sits on top of the metal bumper. On my 17 the...
  20. AdamKan

    Alright guys.. BILSTEINS post your pics!!!

    Bils at 2.8, lift in the back. Thinking i need about 1" to go along with the airbags in the back. Wheels are off my 2014 black Ram quad cab....obviously need bigger tires now...
  21. AdamKan

    Post a Pic of Your Ram in its Spot

    Old & New...I take up a lot of room on my street...
  22. AdamKan

    2017 1500 with Alpine Audio... Will aftermarket amp & sub work?

    I just moved my aftermarket sub/amp from my 14 to a 17 with the alpine system. I tied the remote into the power wire for the cigarette lighter outlet in the center console. It's super easy to get to and you can just run it to under the front seat and back to the rear. Since it's only on when the...