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    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    I got the same answer back in the day. Mine is a '17 1500 5.7 and I changed it at 125k with Amsoil. I currently have 278k on it with no issues - truck is running strong except for the Hemi tick from broken manifold bolts.
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    ZF Transmission Fluid

    Did a change at 125k with Amsoil on my '17 1500 Crew Big Horn, Hemi, 4x4. Had some harder shifts initially after the change so I had the dealer do a re-learn and within approx. 200 miles the shifts were smooth with no issues. I currently have 271k total miles (146k on the Amsoil) with no...
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    Suspension Help!!

    I have a '17 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew 5.7 with 235k miles. Truck is well maintained, like new condition, never had any problems, no accidents. Just recently I was driving on the highway loaded with 5 adults and the truck started swaying to a point that it was almost uncontrollable. It was like a...
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    Pedal Commander help

    Call them, they will replace it for free.
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    Manifold bolts breaking.

    I have a '17 Crew 5.7 and also have the exhaust manifold bolt issue. Had Endurance and they denied the claim. I currently have 230k on the truck and just put up with it. With regular maintenance I never had any other issues.
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    Hard acceleration - Rattle Noise

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but I have a '17 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 with 230k. Ran PUP 5W20 til about 135k, developed the Hemi Tick. Switched to RL5W20 and RP filter which helped with the tick and continue to use. I drive almost all my miles on toll roads/highway, 5 - 10 hours...
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    Rancho QuickLift Problems

    Was researching if there is anyone with issues with Rancho and found your thread. I have a '17 1500 crew hemi and have never pulled anything, off roaded the truck or did any heavy haulling and have officially replaced all (4) within the last (3) years. Attached pic is my latest fatality. They...
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    Convince me why i shouldnt buy it

    Nice Truck, I have a '17 1500 Crew Hemi with 221k miles and it developed the hemi tick around 135k (at start up) otherwise I have properly done all the scheduled maintenance and never had any major issues. I live in the rust belt and wash it weekly and she is rust free. If you can and have a...
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    3.21 Vs. 3.92 gear, worth the money?

    I have a '17 crew with 195k miles, 3.21's, 8 speed, Hemi, Modified exhaust, CAI, with Falken Wildpeak tires and have no issues. I don't tow with the truck but do a lot of highway and get 22 mpg (if I do the speed limit). For what I use my truck for the 3.21 is just fine - No struggles. I also...
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    RamBox worth getting?

    Unless you need all of the bed space all the time I will never get one without it. Waterproof, locks with the fob, built in lighting, drain port for use as a cooler. My truck is my portable office and I keep all of my field equipment in them. For me it frees up the back of the cab for people, my...
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    Engine compartment noise

    2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7 Hemi (127k - Yes I drive a lot for work). Bought the truck new. When taking off from a stop (harder take off), there is a high winding/whistling noise just like a supercharger sounds (no I don't have one...) or like the old power steering pump noise. When I hit 3rd...
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    Did a test drive in a 2020 Rebel and was... disappointed

    Sluggish..... recently viewed an article that FCA has filed a patent for an in line 6 producing 525 HP. Should be interesting...... Take the cheap route and add a Pedal Commander to decrease the lag time.
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    Any 4th gen 5.7's with 150,000+ miles?

    118k on my '17 Big Horn Hemi Crew. Never had one issue.....