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  1. justin13703

    Advantages to lowering?

    Depends on how you do it. You can lower a vehicle and have it ride exactly like stock, but then you don’t really gain any handling improvement and you run the risk of bottoming out (depending on the truck and how low you went). Generally, the closer you get to the ground, the stiffer you want it...
  2. justin13703

    leveling kit

    Is your truck 4wd? If so the best way to level it imo is with Bilstein 5100s in the front. Mine was leveled on those for 9 years, never had an issue with them.
  3. justin13703

    Advantages to lowering?

    Personally I’ve had two lowered trucks (not the ram) and aside from the looks/performance improvement I always found it amusing how absolutely triggered people got over the idea of a lowered truck.
  4. justin13703

    Fuel hostage plastic bolt caps

    Sorry I haven’t been signed in on this forum in a while. But that’s really strange. It looks like maybe an older design before they were screw on.
  5. justin13703

    Is it bad to use the transmission to decelerate

    Engine braking is fine. It’s not “mishandling” your equipment. What is mishandling your equipment is trying to come down a grade with 10,000lbs behind you, and trying to control your speed with brakes alone. That is actually dangerous to you and everyone around you and anyone that tries to...
  6. justin13703

    2007 3500 radio harness

    Should be a pac c2r-chy4 or the Metra equivalent. Go to Crutchfield and put in all your truck’s information and it will tell you what you need.
  7. justin13703

    Trying to be cheap did not work out

    The biggest thing is to get speakers that match the ohms of the factory ones. I can’t remember what they are off the top of my head but I think they’re a really strange ohm rating. You don’t want to mix and match ohm ratings on factory amps. If you aren’t gonna bypass the factory amp the best...
  8. justin13703

    What hits?

    What he said. Mine is leveled on 35s and it still rubs at full lock, only in reverse though.
  9. justin13703

    Engine Oil Disappears

    The mds has nothing to do with oil consumption. If it is going away and it’s not leaking or ending up in the coolant, it’s burning it.
  10. justin13703

    Lifetime powertrain warranty repair

    So if you daily your truck you would have to be dumping a quart of oil in it every 2 weeks before they would consider it excessive. That’s nuts. Lifetime warranty stuff is a nice thought but it’s just a selling point. Made to make people buy your stuff thinking it’s lifetime warrantied. Most of...
  11. justin13703

    Dealer incompetence...recourse?

    I thought the new plugs made it run like new?
  12. justin13703

    coolant flowing?

    Yeah i get that, I’m saying in all my days of working on cars, I’ve never felt flow inside of a radiator hose. I’ve felt the temp change which indicates flow, but I’ve never actually felt the flow of coolant. It’s not a fire hose or something.
  13. justin13703

    coolant flowing?

    I don’t understand how you would “feel flow” in the upper radiator hose. If the upper hose gets hot, heater hoses get hot and heater works, and truck isn’t overheating, I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Sounds to me like everything is fine.
  14. justin13703

    2006 headlight switch issue?

    Sounds to me like maybe the tipm or headlight switch was having issues and someone bypassed them and hooked them to an ignition source?
  15. justin13703

    LED bright not working

    You need a Chrysler specific harness to use aftermarket headlights in an 06-up ram. Just putting leds or hids in there with no Chrysler harness will make them do all kinds of stupid nonsense.
  16. justin13703

    Under the hood light

    I’d check that the drain isn’t in the radio before you start cutting wires. Just because it turns off doesn’t mean it’s not draining the battery
  17. justin13703

    MDS issue, misfire at low RPM

    Tow/haul does disable the mds and you can turn it off permanently with a tuner.
  18. justin13703

    Risks of buying low mileage (3,500!) 3rd gen Cummins

    Older people refuse to get rid of ANYTHING. They seriously would rather let stuff rot away to nothing than sell it and make a few bucks lol. The people that own the house next to mine have a 2nd gen Jetta TDI that they parked in the driveway in 1996 and it hasn’t moved in 23 years. It’s sank a...
  19. justin13703

    All the little things

    Heat shrink and solder will be your friend lol
  20. justin13703

    All the little things

    People are hacks with vehicles. A friend of mine just bought a car that the previous owner was so incompetent, they broke all the clips on the plugs for all the outside lights (fog lights, headlights, turn signals etc) and literally superglued the light bulbs into the sockets. Good luck getting...
  21. justin13703

    Remote starter

    No problem, glad they got it taken care of for you
  22. justin13703

    Factory sound system.

    The factory stuff sucks anyway. The easiest to use aftermarket radios in my opinion are pioneer.
  23. justin13703

    Shock options for towing and leveling

    I’m glad it worked out, have you thought more about bags in the rear? Airlift has a new auto leveling setup with a sensor that keeps your truck at the same height regardless of load. Or are you just going to leave it how it is?
  24. justin13703

    Negative offset rims and towing

    No problem :waytogo:
  25. justin13703

    Negative offset rims and towing

    The only time I drive the truck is when I’m towing or hauling something. Usually towing way over what it’s rated at too lol. The only negative is the added weight/rotating mass. 10 ply 35s are really heavy. So it takes a little bit of power from the truck. But I still pull whatever I need to...

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