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  1. KJ6MTJ

    Towing Help! 2023 Ram 1500 5.7L V8 eTorque, 4x4, Crew Cab, short bed, 3.21

    Just my experience pulling with my 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn. This is our second RV trailer that we have owned. We had a 2020 Wildwood X-Lite 24RLXL (28.5 feet) but now we have a 2021 GD Transcend 260 RB (31.5 feet) with a 2019 Bighorn (1788 payload) 5.7 without E-torque, aftermarket brake...
  2. KJ6MTJ

    Looking at our 1st TT

    I pull a 2021 Forest River 24RLXL that comes in around that 5500 dry 7200 max with my 2019 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi and 8 speed with 3:21 gears. I live in the South East and it has been just fine. Get about 9 mpg towing. If you do venture out west up into the mountains, just take your time...
  3. KJ6MTJ

    5w20 or 5w30

    My 2Cents - I run Royal Purple 5w20 Synthetic Oil with a K&N 1018 filter (no one stocks the RP Filter around here), Have 20K on truck, I no longer have the Hemi Tick and I also run in it in Tow Mode due to how well it performs and operates. It compliments the Flowmaster exhaust. Think the...
  4. KJ6MTJ

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited severe skunk smell in garage

    Mine had that smell for a little while - eventually works off - gota be some kinda of coating on the engine.
  5. KJ6MTJ

    Gauge Cluster Light settings - too bright or not enough

    Good Morning All, I noticed that there is a time dusk where I need the gauge to light up right in-between the all the way on and the reduced setting, my last 2012 Dodge Charger wasn't like that, maybe they need to reprogram that so we can just a little more light for the gauge cluster. Has...
  6. KJ6MTJ

    Wind noise.

    I've had this occur too, mine is from passenger door. Looked at door gasket and it appears ok.
  7. KJ6MTJ

    Cylinder Cutoff

    I will do the same thing as mentioned up above, put it into 8 via gear limit, especially when you modify exhaust, don't get the odd drone sound and it actually sounds a little nicer when your coming to a stop and the tranny downshifts. If your only going up to about 40 mph, craps n giggles try...
  8. KJ6MTJ

    Air Filter change, what did u go with...

    Week later, so far no change in MPG, IF anything it went down due me having some fun with getting the exhaust. I went back into the air box lid and removed that charcoal filter. To me it doesn't look like it would last much more then 25k. Then again I didn't research the maintenance schedule to...
  9. KJ6MTJ

    Muffler/CatBack for 2019 Ram

    There are truely a lot to pick from now a days. However I headed down to the Engine Performance Shop. Ended up going with a Flowmaster 40 Series #43103, 2 chamber and left the stock resonators and tips. Perfect low pitch tone. There was a 4th gen getting the same muffler but they went with new...
  10. KJ6MTJ

    Air Filter change, what did u go with...

    put in a K&N 33-2247 and left the charcoal filter in as well. First time seeing that set up in any of the Dodge's I have owned. My previous Charger didn't have one. Thought I would go ahead and save a pic for others that haven't opened up their air box to see what's inside. Averaged 18 MPG with...
  11. KJ6MTJ

    Has anyone done a Ram no drill lap top mount in their 2019 Ram 1500?

    Wondering if anyone else has successfully mounted a lap top in their 1500. I had a no drill mount in my previous vehicle, 2012 Dodge Charger but looking to see if this bracket is truly the proper one or not. RAM-VB-178A-SW1 web sites not so clear on 2019 model applications.