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    Crappy glued brake pads

    Another pair of poorly glued ebrake pads. Seems real common on these 4th gen rams. My 15 ram only has 50000km on it and I noticed it would occasionally lock up when reversing, someone on this site suggested this may be because of shoe material separation and I believe they were right. Not that I...
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    Bad cam or collapsed lifter

    High mileage 5.7 . I have the valve cover off, it appears that there is still pushrod action. Anyone know how to tell if it is a bad cam or a collapsed lifter? Thanks
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    Camshaft replacement Loftmarte 53021726AE

    Looking at a low budget camshaft change out on a 14 1500 with 200000 miles on it. I see exhaust valve pushrod has about 0.150 play on it between push rod and rocker arm. I checked Amazon and they are showing a complete cam/lifted kit, gaskets etc for about $650.00 seems reasonable but open to...
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    Gauge cluster screen replacement.

    Just wondering if someone may know where to get these little replacement screens? This one is from my 2014 SXT. I am sure other years would fit. This is the panel in the middle of the gauge cluster. Rick
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    New to me, 2015 RAM 1500 Short Box Regular cab 4X4. Pitfalls and Joys

    The truck originated from Ontario. Still have not got around to filling the 4front plate screw holes. I have had the touch up paint on back order from Chrysler for a few months now, but likely a few more months until it comes in. I love the grill swap, what year does the grill come from? Cheers...
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    Odometer not functioning great!!

    Anybody come up with a cost effect fix for this anomaly? Just picked this up at an auction. I would like to make it work again. 2014 Ram 1500 4X4 . Thanks to the brain trust for any info. Rick
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    Oil Change frequency

    Curious as heck. I have a 2015 Reg cab short box. I changed the oil at 33000 km now I am at 43000 km a year later. My oil change gauge shows 50% life left. Do I change by the oil life gauge or kilometres driven. Last change was with synthetic. Just wanting to see what the consensus is. Not...
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    2015 Header recommendation and 02 sensor

    Hi Recently purchased a 2015 Regular Cab Shortbox 4X4 with 32000 km and the 5.7. I realize at some point the exhaust manifold bolts will break. I am thinking that at that time I would put on long tube headers. Looking for recommendations for a manufacturer, and what do you do with the O2...
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    New to me, 2015 RAM 1500 Short Box Regular cab 4X4. Pitfalls and Joys

    Located in Alberta Beach, originally from Ont.
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    New to me, 2015 RAM 1500 Short Box Regular cab 4X4. Pitfalls and Joys

    I tried attaching a few photos. Hope this worked
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    New to me, 2015 RAM 1500 Short Box Regular cab 4X4. Pitfalls and Joys

    Just bought a 2015 with 32000 km . (20000 miles). Any pitfalls from the long term owners to look out for? Is this still in the hemi tick era? What does the fuel mpg to be expected? Anyone know what refridgerant is running in the A/C unit, blows cool not cold. Rick
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    Another Bilstein question!!!

    Thank you. Now to find the cheapest shipped here to alberta...
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    Another Bilstein question!!!

    OK So I went and did the measurements. 40.25" ear and 37.5" front. So would I assume Bils all the way around? set to 2.8" on the front and the bils for the rear and a 1" spacer?
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    Eco Boost Turbo Lag

    I am soo happy with my GDE tune. I took out the GDE and sent it away for an update and with the stock ECM back in it literally hated driving it. So slow and unresponsive, scared to merge into traffic..
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    Another Bilstein question!!!

    Hi I have a 2018 Outdoorsman ecodiesel quad cab 4X4 .I would like to put in bils in the front and rear. My question is with the bils in the front at the 2.8 setting do I put the bils in the back PLUS a 1" Stacked spacer? Cheers RAM
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    P0404 Input needed

    My 07 5.7 was showing P0404, so I replaced the EGR and cleared the codes. I travel about 80 km and the light comes on again, so I pulled the PVC and cleaned the PCV and the housing. Also at this time I remove the PCV tube and it is clean and unobstructed. Bolt it all back together clear the...