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    Hello From New Jersey

    With the 180 thermostat, did you have to remove the shutters?
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    Drivers door switches stopped working.

    same happened to me. get the switch module from mopar on amazon about $85. make sure you push the connector in til it locks on to module
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    Hemi growl question and gearing!

    @Johnny Blaze What would you offer for my '14 sport with 65,000 mi ,3.92 8 spd, never seen snow until this past winter, only seen rain if I was already out and about
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    180 thermostat

    high temp is 'heat soak'...not good. A little cooler is better for the motor
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    Trailer Tow Group

    aftermarket is nothing like the factory install. the tranny is geared different when u push tow/haul mode besides the oil& tranny coolers
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    Catch Can First Results

    I removed 37 oz at 43,400 mi. I also put stainless steel wool in can to keep from shloshing around
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    my New 2020 Ram 1500, and my honey. Now, what do I upgrade first? Exhaust? Breather?

    oil catch can keeps combustion chamber clean