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    2017 Ram 1500 6 speed - trans fluid change

    Is that the ZF 6 speed ? If so, do not use anything with dyes in it. The seals on the valves will start sticking. I talked to several of the engineers there in the transmission department and they all said the same thing. Stay away from dyes. With that said. I have 202k on my ram 8 speed...
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    392 Swap - High Oil Temps - What Would You Do?

    Did I miss the part where you installed the higher capacity oil cooler ? More power means more energy, which is more heat.
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    Ram noise dealer no help

    1000 moving parts in a motor. It’s going to make some noise 195000 on my hemi and she’s ticked the entire time
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    8HP70/75 Trans Fluid Never Changed? What's your miles?

    Completed my first service at 190k. Trans is still running strong. Went with bluaparts lifetime fluid and pan/filter kit.
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    Oil PSI

    2014 ram 5.7 @75 mph around 1600 rpm’s. 51-54 psi @idle and 200 deg 31-33 psi. I have 200k on the motor. IMO. THIS IS PERFECT AND WELL WITHIN THE RAM SPEC.
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    Lifter tick or no?

    Cannot tell in the video, but my lifter tick has 189600 miles on it, still averaging 20.6mpg, all highway to work
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    Hi everyone, new here, with a 2014 question

    Great, I was feeling the same way about this,
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    Hi everyone, new here, with a 2014 question

    I know this has probably been beat to the ground but I am going to ask away 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 8 speed ZF trans, bought new and now have 188000 miles with out any real issues, Finally changed the plugs at 180000 miles, which, I have say made no difference. My drive is all highway to work. I am...