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  1. 16Ram4x4

    Radio problems

    Front what it looks like is the amplifier in the radio has an internal part failure happening.
  2. 16Ram4x4

    Key fob problem

    My 2016 Express did that to me when it was under a year old. Inserted key fob and try to start the truck and get the message "wrong key fob" . Fist the dealership replaced the ignition switch and said it was something wrong with a sensor inside it, plus they needed both key fobs to reflash the...
  3. 16Ram4x4

    Battery Voltage erratic

    That 7 year old battery is definitely going out with the voltage bouncing around like it is. My original battery lasted six years and died without any warning or any crazy things happening before it died
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    2023 classic 1500 headlight bulbs suggestion?

    Last month I decided to upgrade my 2016 Express halogen headlight and fog light bulbs due to the age and miles. My nephew recommend Fahren leds from his previous experience with them, plus the recommendations from Ram forum users about Fahren leds persuaded me to buy them. The main reason for...
  5. 16Ram4x4

    Form Lighting Headlights

    Those look like a really great replacement headlight set . I definitely like what I see with the led light output. My 2016 with the quad headlights are really good, but ive been looking at converting to led bulbs or better yet, a set of led headlights like this if the price is affordable. But my...
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    Pre-winter Maintenance - What's On Your List?

    I definitely check all the fluids and inspect for any leaks, and top off or replaceas needed. Plus, monthly I check all lights to be sure none are out and lenses for cracks or breakage. Tires are checked for tread wear and or hidden damage. And, I also go through what tools that are carried in...
  7. 16Ram4x4

    AC troubles!!

    I would go with what Brandon-w has suggested and take a good look at the blower speed control resistor for burnt connections or a burnt spot on the resistor itself. The other thing to check is your actual rotary switch to see it you have voltage at each of the fan speed settings as you could...
  8. 16Ram4x4

    8hp70 heater bypass

    Hawksk99gt if that connection is a single brown wire it's for the remote start hood switch
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    The air horns will also have their own button to be used separately from the factory horns. I have wired one relay coil paralleled off the factory horns and they all operate together. The second relay coil has its own circuit power, fuse and button. Now, here is the fun part the normally open...
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    Impressed with how good 4th gen trucks still look

    I had two different generations of Dodge Dakotas as they were and are a more capable mid-sized pickup than any of there competitors offered. In August of 2016 I finally purchased my first new full size Ram pickup ever due to the experience, dependability and looks of the Didge Dakotas that I...
  11. 16Ram4x4

    Mopar Bed Step

    Just an idea, have you thought of just putting a dimple in the tailpipe with just enough space to allow the step some clearance
  12. 16Ram4x4

    Leave it in, or cut it out

    Metalchewy if you only have liability and no-fault insurance and your truck is unfortunately stolen or vandalized you will have to come out of your pocket to do repairs or buy a replacement vehicle. A coworker at the time had his mint 4th gen Ram 1500 stolen from in front of his house in broad...
  13. 16Ram4x4

    Dash speaker removal help

    I used my 1/4" drive ratchet and a short socket to get the one nearest to the windshield loose, then switched to a ratchet style closed end wrench.
  14. 16Ram4x4

    Electronic issue

    One thought it that you may have some corrosion on one or two different grounding points for those particular circuits. Or the other could be a loose multi connector with lots of wires. It may be something as simple as a grounding issue or a loose connector that is not fully seated or plugged...
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    I'm right with you there on the horn honking issue. You hit the horn button and the signal now goes through the BCM module and this BCM module has to be positively sure the horns are actually physically connected to the wires before the BCM will allow the horns to honk. Its irritating that when...
  16. 16Ram4x4

    2021 Ram Warlock Upgrades

    Depending on the shade of the Cherry Red on the wheels that you are looking at will make a difference if they blend in with the Delmonico Red
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    Take your time and don't rush the paint job. It looks good, can't wait to see the whole TRX kit transformation finished
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    That should work pretty good as a quick temporary paint booth. Don't skimp on the incoming air filters to keep dust out. Take your time on the prep work as you have worked hard on this project. Can't wait to see it completed and running
  19. 16Ram4x4

    Front rotor

    Jeepwalker great idea with the light coating of anti-seize on the back of the brake rotors. I have always just put a light film of anti-seize on the back of the hub/bolt pattern area of the aluminum wheels to keep the bi-metal corrosion from welding the wheels on
  20. 16Ram4x4

    What are the distinctive diferences between Gen.4 & 5

    Just reposition the tape measure and you will feel better and more confident
  21. 16Ram4x4

    Gull wing vs. single lid toolbox.

    Years ago I had a single lid toolbox on my 2001 Dakota and really liked it's convince of access for longer items. Only problem was I had to add a spacer to the hinge side to keep the top from hitting the cab when open
  22. 16Ram4x4

    Steering issue….. please help!

    Just my 2 cents worth, personally for safety reasons I would replace both hub/bearing units. Do the whole job once so you are not replacing the other one a few weeks or months later
  23. 16Ram4x4

    Bad Bilstein or bad install??

    Definitely whoever did that install at Action truck apparently doesn't know how to read or follow installation instructions for the products they sell. It's definitely a warranty claim on there incompetence. If it were me I would have a trusted shop you know inspect your truck for damages due...
  24. 16Ram4x4

    3 years 3 months 1 day

    Well finally my factory battery died yesterday evening at five years and eight months. I had my suspicions it was slowly on its way out this last winter, but it got me through it.
  25. 16Ram4x4

    Best Oil and oil filter for ram 1500 Slt 5.7 Hemi

    Amsoil 10w-30 full synthetic with a Wix 57060XP oil filter or Mopar M0-339 as a backup filter.